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Family and Relationships

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Stay healthy - think healthy

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Chris Walker - Spiritual Pitbull

My office is Nature. Each day i walk in it and share insights about life and business from a nature viewpoint. Hopefully you get heaps out of it. 

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Chris has been, and is, that life guide for me

Typical of any accountant I would like life to occur in a linear fashion, unfortunately that is just not the case, and there are lots of ups and downs along the journey.  Given this it is important to have an experienced guide to help you on that journey, especially when the fog created by my over active brain sets in.  

Similarly, as someone used operating at a senior level and with strong self-belief, you need someone with the strength of character to call you on your ‘bull dust’.  It is critical that you have someone who can as much challenge as support you and then provide a pathway towards improvement.

Chris has been, and is, that life guide for me.  His wealth of life experience and insights (meaning he has already made all the same mistakes already) positions him ideally to fill this role.   He has been great in guiding me across the different areas in life and equipping me with the tools to succeed in life and tackle the challenges it throws up.


Ashley Miller

Senior Partner

I was a complete mess

I was a complete mess, physically, emotionally, mentally when I first started seeing Chris, who can highly recommended from a close friend.  It’s been more than 16 months now and I truly can say I’ve developed more over that short time then all the time before that. 

Chris is real, honest, patient, sometimes funny, but most importantly able to impart his wisdom to get you through anything life throws at you.

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for self-improvement & development however, as they say, takes two to tango!

Raj Goyal

Senior Executive, Wexted

the 30 day challenge is not for the feint of heart,

Make no mistake, the 30 day challenge is not for the feint of heart, or then again, perhaps it is?  As it will certainly toughen you up!
With Nature held firmly at the centre of his program, Chris’ approach to challenge and support you will radically change your thinking and provide you with the tools you need play the cards the universe deals you.
Be prepared to take the usual stories you tell yourself, break them down, remove judgements and challenge your assumptions (And….Rest assured, if you don’t, Chris will!). 
It will take you from self-preservation and uncertainty to a place where you can love who you are and be ready to embrace your purpose with confidence, whatever that may be.

Andrew James

Engineering Project Manager, Fletcher Insulation

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