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Life and Business Private Coaching

This coaching is an opportunity to wonder and explore  options and possibilities in business and life. It is an exploration of human nature, what makes you and others tick and what makes that tick stop. It is a sounding board, an experienced and educated sounding board for wondering, encouraging new thinking and solving problems. it is also an accountability for improvement. A personal and professional adventure of sorts. Finding new pathways.

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Building your Self-Leadership: The Power of Your Innerwealth to match your Outer Wealth...


Your vision is your vision. Nobody else's and to wonder and explore your vision is a key element in mental and emotional strength, resilience and calm. 


Inspiration, when your inner voice speaks louder that the outer voices, gives drive and power to your vision. To wonder and explore more inspiration is of huge value.


To wonder and explore without a purpose is to wonder aimlessly, called rumination, and to avoid this is the gold of knowing and having purpose.

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Wonder and Explore with Private Coaching

To get beyond rumination, one must find a safe space to explore and wonder about thoughts or emotions, to challenge ourselves, to think big and value small. One on One Consults are the ideal way, in a safe, confidential and private space, to wonder and explore options and ideas with a qualified and experienced sounding board.

 30 Day Challenge to learn the language of Vision, Inspiration and Purpose.

One on One Consults with ongoing coaching to keep you wondering and exploring options at work, in business, at home or in life.

Group Coaching

Managing change is a very personal matter and we believe it is wise to demonstrate to teams how to be in the driver's seat of the own journey. Avoiding the pitfalls of insecurity and emotional stress. This group session encourages individuals to find vision, inspiration and purpose in their own lives, and this in itself makes a huge difference in the rhetoric and dialogue of working teams. Explore here

Career Consults

What is it that when you have 3 you have 3. And when you have 2 you have 2. But when you have 1 you have none? 

Answer: Options.

Ruminating, you will be going around in your own head trying to solve problems at the very source that created them. Career Consults interrupt rumination and encourage a wider band of certainty. New options can be explored without the expensive cost of experience to learn from.

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Working with Chris, my coach, is a transformative experience. His insights and guidance help me to gain clarity on my goals and develop a roadmap to achieve them.


/ Executive Optus, Australia

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Incredibly supportive, Chris helped me to develop a plan of action that felt both achievable and exciting.

Andrew Rowe

General Manager, Fletcher Insulation

“Chris is my mentor, coach, sounding board and daily inspiration. I was blessed to have Chris share his calm presence, motivating, inspiring and conscious teachings.

Blair Pack

CEO - Founder Speech Pathologist.

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