I would love to share the treasures of inspiration with your workforce.

For 35 years now, Christopher Walker has been a consultant, originally a consultant on global environment and corporate change, Christopher realised his inspiration to inspire the individual. For the past 15 years Christopher Walker has been a professional speaker, using his knowledge in environment management (or the laws of nature) and corporate change, Christopher has brought reality to finding your truth. His relentless work to bring people back to their true path has inspired countless individuals

Stuff happens to all of us. Coaching helps us bounce back, better than before on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Christopher uses the power of the human heart to weave a story of balance and personal inspiration. He will focus on technology in human potential and put it forward with energy and commitment. You and your people will become more effective in your personal and professional lives by understanding how to be inspired, how to inspire others, how to develop peace of mind, how to develop deeper intuition and how to relax and enjoy the journey of life and work.

Team Coaching


Great Self-Leadership

Happy people, inspired in their work, enjoying the challenge, adaptable to change. This is a winning culture, a culture based on individual responsibility, aligning with, and committed to, excellence. Three core ingredients of all great leaders Wisdom, power and Love.

Improve Wellbeing & Purpose

Less stress, a more productive workforce, happier people, a deeper connection between client and supplier and overall, a better and more sustainable bottom line. Develop certainty, life purpose and understand how people are motivated best from the inside out.

A Winning Mindset

Working better, a clearer direction, peace of mind, a reality check, strategies implemented and a vision to live by.

Better Team Dynamics

Stay Focused be more present. Do what you Love. Inspire others. This program answers questions, provides a reality check and aims to improve quality of life. You’ll develop more certainty, personal balance and vision.



‘I attended Christopher Walker’s program in Canada. Then booked him to do transformational workshops within our senior leadership teams. I am a leader of over 5,000 people and this teaching just transformed our organisation. Inspiration, living with spirit in everyday life, is the journey Christopher Walker has himself embarked upon and now teaches others.’

Senior Director Public Service

‘Chris facilitates our bi-annual ‘Executive Health and Management Program’ and the feedback from guests always contain expressions such as amazing, breakthrough experience, enlightening. Many affirm that it has added a whole new dimension to their lives. Chris has also facilitated our own staff training for Camp Eden’s 50 staff which dramatically helped many of us identify and focus on our goals and help remove any obstacles standing in our way from achieving them.’

Stephen Canning / General Manager
Camp Eden

‘Your presentation is a response to the need for all of us in senior leadership to build a coherent culture, a way of thinking and perceiving for each of us individually, that brings the diversity of thinking together. A way for us to live with purpose, love and inspiration.’

Senior Manager

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