Coaching FAQs

Back on Track MOBILE Homework

This is an example of your mobile phone based homework. You'll listen to the audio or video and have a few exercises to do.


What do you suggest as the coaching frequency?

Our standard coaching pattern is weekly. We recommend this so that you stay on top of any irritations and frustrations as well as being held accountable for your commitments to the future.

Do I have to meet in person?

No, not at all. Chris has all online coaching digital facility as well as encouraging you to go for walks out in nature while being coached. It links to his biophilia teachings.

How much daily time does it take?

How long is a piece of string? You will eventually master the daily power hour which reduces your total me time, including exercise, self growth, mind power exercises and vision creation down to 30 minutes minimum. Of course, you're free to take longer.

When do I pay?

There are two levels of payment. Monthly and Yearly. The yearly payment is around 60% of the total annual monthly payments.

Is it  guaranteed?

Once the annual payment is made there is no refund. Monthly payments can be stopped at any time and not renewed at the end of that month.

What is Coaching?

To me, coaching is like having a personal trainer for the mind and the heart. Coaching, like a Running coach, gives you something to work on, and a structure which force you to have discipline. Coaching to me is having a jim mini cricket on my shoulder which always have my back.

Who is it for?

Coaching is for everyone, and especially for those willing to live better and joyfully. When I saw that my work was impacted by my personal life, it was a wake up call. (now my personal life is affected by my work…. )

What’s Involved?

Committing to coaching is not a one way street. The best benefit comes when we do the homeworks Chris sets, turn up 100% to the coaching session, get an open mind and most of all, never give up. Chris is direct, raw, real and reach to your deeper inner you and sometimes you don’t know how it happens. But this is what makes it exceptional and driving results.

Trusting the process and going along with the flow, whether you like it or not. If we do half the work, there’s less than half the results. It really is about embracing the homeworks and absorbing the new ways of thinking consistently every single day until they start being embedded and become the new norm.

How Does it Work?

Turn up to the coaching sessions, learn about walkachi and Power hour, start a new / revised routine, start loving life. Wake up every day thinking ‘thank god I’m alive!’

Consistency will deliver results without you even noticing.

When being coached by Chris, you receive some recommendations and guidance on how to think and it translate automatically and naturally into life changing experiences. The process is natural.

What Should I Expect?

Expect to cry, the be stripped naked (not literally), to be exposed, to be listened to, to be challenged and supported, to be loved. Expect to be uncomfortable, scared, rewarded, overflowing with love and joy, feel powerful and disarmed.

But most of all, to feel safe and in pretty good hands all the time. Expect to have met a life changing agent, unfailable and reliable.

Why Chris?

Because he is the best in class in this domain. Because he has 100% success rate.

Chris is down to heart, he is real, he is all in one package. He gets you from the first glance and is gifted like no one else.

Chris will be challenging you in ways you won’t expect. The difference between Chris and other coaches, is that with Chris, you know that he will not just look at one part of your life, but all 7 areas. He is holistic.

Innerwealth Points of Difference

Chris is not just looking at your business and career, he is also looking at all the other aspect of your life. He would usually be able to pick up things you didn’t even think were not at their optimal and will help you raise all the level so you can live a happier life.

Chris will always make himself available when in need and nothing ever stop him. You can count on him in any situation.

Chris is available outside business hours and would adapt to your way of living because this, also, is part of life. Not only he changes your life by being the best coach, but he is the best coach, incredibly available, generous with his giving and without disturbing your schedule. Time is not an excuse and fitting coaching in your life is never a blocker to commit to coaching as Chris will make it happen for you.

Getting Started

Just call Chris or send a text and you can be certain Chris will be back to you. There’s nothing to do except that first step – then the rest will flow spontaneously for an incredible journey of mindset and awareness.