Chris operates differently

Chris Walker treats every person he works with as a unique individual. As such, it is not about cookie cutter solutions or short cuts, but more about embracing strengths and playing your best hand in work and life.

Our Mission: Creating excellent value for  clients through a unique style of delivery.

Value #1. A partnership

We believe that the relationship between coach and client should be very personal and very professional. With that it does not have to be cold or clinical. Chris Walker unique Australian style is very user-friendly. He is open and yet wanted to hear your voice and how you feel and where you want to go rather than be telling you what is right or wrong. In such a relationship there is room for disagreement but ultimately there is a need for collaboration. The intuitive nature of Chris' disposition also provides added value to this relationship.

fair fees

Chris has roots come from the heart. He grew up in very humble financial circumstances and has made good. Therefore he understands that not everybody has the wealth to buy and pay for elite coaching. However, Chris believes everybody who is ready should have access to such coaching. Therefore pricing has been set as quite variable and certainly based on needs rather than a preset figure.


Central to Chris's work is the belief that if you can change one person you can change the world. Changing one person in a lifetime is a powerful gift. What Kris discovered from his own experience in personal development is that you cannot just cherry pick and change one aspect of a human being and think that this will be a sustainable positive change. He developed a process called back on track which integrates the six aspects of the human condition into one change process in order to holistically, and therefore sustainably, create change, one heart at a time.



Chris' technologies are focused 100% on the truthful establishment of a persons vision. We believe that there is one thing a person cannot live without and that is a vision. Hope for the future. Take all hope away and and individual is left suicidal. If the next hour is perceived to be no better than the last hour we are suffering. But this can be extrapolated to, if the next week is no better than the last week we become depressed. Therefore vision gives hope. Vision gives strength. Vision gives a feeling of worthiness. Vision improves self worth. Vision is instrumental in causing relationships to thrive. Vision imparts confidence in family and team members. As a politician or a leader it is all we have to sell, a vision. Before we can sell or offer our vision to others we must believe it ourselves and this is the great science of Innerwealth. Vision development.


The ability to smile at the past, imagine the future gives us the power to live in the present with a smile on your dial. Motivation is designed to escape all three of these by promising rainbows and distracting us from the reality of our thinking and beliefs. If you dangle a carrot in front of somebody that is tempting enough they will forget everything. The end result of motivation however is mental health degradation. Inspiration is the ability to live right here in this moment in time happy smiling and feeling good about what has happened and what will happen in your life. For us at Innerwealth this is everything. This is Love, this is leadership, this is health, this is well-being, and this is how we change the world.


When you set sail from Sydney harbour on your beautiful cruise yacht you will have a vision of where you want to go. That goes without saying. You will also have the ability to know where you are at any given moment and have the luxury of being able to enjoy being right where you are. Because you have the safety and comfort of knowing where you are going. That's all that matters. With these in hand you will have a great trip. But what if you hit a storm? What if something happens along the way? Then your vision comes into doubt, your ability to enjoy being right where you are becomes difficult and you are put under pressure. In this situation you will be asking yourself what in the hell am I doing here? And the answer that question, in real life, is a purpose greater than you. With this purpose you gain what is called resilience and strength of character. When the going gets tough, the only thing that keeps you going is a reason, a purpose for being here. This is the essential glue that binds us in our heart mind and body to deal with the inevitable challenges of life.


To the Sherpa and better people of the Himalayas we give out thanks for being so generous over the period of 35 years teaching Chris about the power of nature and goodhearted humanity.

Himalayan Wisdom

Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Zen, Leadership

To family, friends, colleagues, collaborators and Chris' current spouse and those past, for the generosity, understanding and love that is help Chris through the very challenging realities of trial and error.

Sacred Love

Success, relationships, business, health

To Dr John Demartini, Deepak Chopra, Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Zen Master Hogan, Mic Mac Leaders, Mystics, Shaman, Healers and Spirits for their guidance and trust in the knowledge of these universal mysteries.

Metaphysics and Ancient Wisdom

MBA. BE. MIE. Pro Speaker. Consultant, Author

To those who have hit hard. Five lifetimes lived in one. From a brutal childhood to auntie Guru Guru has not come for free. For those who have challenged, confronted and in their way guided, thank you.


Build it, broke it, rebuilt it, improved it. enjoyed it.

If you would like to hear Chris share these stories and more book a corporate keynote...

One person I have used for some time as a sounding board, life coach and career development is Chris Walker – ex engineer, entrepreneur and life coach master who has made and lost millions, written loads of books, led 10s of groups into Nepal, spent serious time in zen in the Himalayas, and worked all over the world including with First Nation indigenous Communities in Canada. 

Suffice to say he is not your normal life coach 😊 

Anyway, if you are open to a challenging conversation around your path, then I recommend you reach out to him.

Martyn Strickland 

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