Executive Coaching

Putting the Heart and Soul Back into Work and Life.

Executive coaching is a type of professional development that helps executives improve their skills and performance. It can be used to address a variety of issues, such as:

  • Career development: Executive coaching can help executives clarify their goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and overcome obstacles.
  • Leadership: Executive coaching can help executives develop their leadership skills, such as communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution.
  • Personal development: Executive coaching can help executives improve their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Executive coaching can be a valuable tool for executives who want to improve their performance and achieve their goals. It can provide them with the support, guidance, and feedback they need to make positive changes.

Here are some of the benefits of executive coaching:

  • Increased self-awareness: Executive coaching can help executives become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This increased self-awareness can lead to improved decision-making, communication, and relationships.
  • Enhanced performance: Executive coaching can help executives improve their performance in a variety of areas, such as leadership, communication, and decision-making. This can lead to increased productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced stress: Executive coaching can help executives reduce stress and improve their work-life balance. This can lead to increased energy, focus, and creativity.
  • Improved career development: Executive coaching can help executives develop their career goals and create a plan to achieve them. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, promotions, and earnings.

If you are an executive who is looking for ways to improve your performance and achieve your goals, executive coaching may be a valuable option for you.


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🌟 Unlocking Your Full Potential | Inspiring Transformation 🌟

As a dedicated advocate for personal and professional growth, I am passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to reach their highest levels of success and fulfilment. With a proven track record in personal development, leadership development, and executive coaching, I have helped countless individuals and teams overcome challenges, harness their strengths, and achieve sustainable results.

βœ… Founder and CEO, Innerwealth Consulting | 1990 - Present

  • Pioneered a renowned personal and leadership development consultancy focused on fostering resilience, purpose-driven growth, and transformative change.
  • Designed and facilitated numerous transformative workshops, retreats, and coaching programs for diverse clients across industries.
  • Mentored high-performing executives and C-suite leaders to enhance leadership effectiveness, drive organizational alignment, and promote a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

βœ… Keynote Speaker and Author | 1990 - Present

  • Engaged and inspired audiences around the globe through captivating keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars on personal growth, leadership, and mindfulness.
  • Published several highly acclaimed books and articles, offering practical insights and strategies for personal and professional success.

βœ…   πŸŽ“ Education & Credentials πŸŽ“

  • Master's Degree in Business (Behavioural Science) | University of NSW
  • Certified Professional Speaker, Coach, Facilitator

βœ…  πŸŒŸ Areas of Expertise 🌟

  • ✨ Personal Development: Unleashing your potential, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and achieving holistic growth.
  • ✨ Leadership Development: Cultivating effective leadership skills, inspiring high-performing teams, and fostering a culture of innovation.
  • ✨ Executive Coaching: Guiding executives in navigating challenges, enhancing decision-making, and achieving professional excellence.
  • ✨ Mindfulness and Well-being: Promoting resilience, managing stress, and fostering work-life balance.

βœ…   πŸ”‘ Key Skills πŸ”‘

  • Transformational Coaching | Emotional Intelligence | Change Management | Strategic Thinking | Team Empowerment | Conflict Resolution | Public Speaking

πŸ’¬ Testimonials πŸ’¬

"Chris's coaching and guidance have been invaluable in my personal and professional journey. He has a unique ability to cut through the noise, provide deep insights, and offer practical strategies for growth." - Sarah J., CEO, Fortune 500 Company

"Chris is a captivating speaker whose passion for personal development is infectious. His keynote address left our entire organisation inspired and motivated to achieve greatness." - John R., HR Director, Global Tech Firm

Let's connect to explore opportunities for collaboration, speaking engagements, and personal growth. Together, we can unlock your true potential and create a lasting impact!

THE PRocess


  • Free meet and greet one hour online
  • Do the 30 Day intro programme with a 14 day no risk opt out
  • Set goals for coaching and improvement


  • Regular weekly coaching sessions around 1 hour online or in Bondi Beach.
  • As needed conversations  regarding pressing decisions
  • Weekly self-guided listening to podcast materials and video.
  •  Text and email as required.


  • Find New Vision and Purpose in life
  • Skill building in self-leadership and leadership
  • Manifestation process for achieving aims and outcomes.


Coaching  is Unique to You

Unique to You

You are unique, you deserve a unique coach. Chris has distilled thousands of years of wisdom through 35 years of trial and error. You get the benefit of his experience with out the cost.


One way or another you are going to learn. If you save time in that process you can use that learning to your advantage. Experience is such a bad teacher why not learn from Chris'?


A balanced person has a balanced life. Kris will guide you in utilising time and learning how to destress before you bring it home and therefore protect your family from the stress of achieving success.


There is one thing all humans need, all living species need, and that is an awareness of the future and some degree of control over it. Chris provides continuous support in setting vision, inspiration and purpose. 





Beginning with the difference between motivation and inspiration Chris approaches every coaching conversation as crucially important to the well-being and the fulfilment of his client. Ultimately, it is incredible gift to be working with someone who is genuinely real and authentic, who prefers conversation to lecturing and who is not obsessed with some theory. You will eventually come to feel that Chris is a very wise friend. Someone that can make a powerful difference in the experience of your life and help you save time and money by not having to learn the hard way.

Back on Track MOBILE Homework

This is an example of your mobile phone based homework. You'll listen to the audio or video and have a few exercises to do.


What do you suggest as the coaching frequency?

Our standard coaching pattern is weekly. We recommend this so that you stay on top of any irritations and frustrations as well as being held accountable for your commitments to the future.

Do I have to meet in person?

No, not at all. Chris has all online coaching digital facility as well as encouraging you to go for walks out in nature while being coached. It links to his biophilia teachings.

How much daily time does it take?

How long is a piece of string? You will eventually master the daily power hour which reduces your total me time, including exercise, self growth, mind power exercises and vision creation down to 30 minutes minimum. Of course, you're free to take longer.

When do I pay?

There are two levels of payment. Monthly and Yearly. The yearly payment is around 60% of the total annual monthly payments.

Is it  guaranteed?

Once the annual payment is made there is no refund. Monthly payments can be stopped at any time and not renewed at the end of that month.

Start your
Coaching with our

14-day trial

Begin with a complimentary call with Chris to discuss your professional and personal needs. Then, a 14 day trial before you part with a single cent. Coaching is so much about chemistry that we believe you'll know pretty quick whether this will work for you. Click below and book your 30-60 minute intro session.

Your Coach

Chris build his first business at the age of 25. By the age of 30 he was what is considered to be a success. By 34 he had sold business and I became invest in a very dark and dirty divorce with his wife and three children. The lessons learnt from this very common trajectory pushed Chris to return to basics and reconsider his career. His commitment was to become the guide he needed to avoid that outcome. For the next 15 years, while running his international consulting business, Chris spent considerable time educating himself travelling the world including spending significant time in Asia studying meditation and yoga, first nation traditions as well as academic studies in business and behavioural science. The result is not only a highly successful business career but also adept knowledge and wisdom in human development. The combination of the two is what creates the unique coaching Chris presents.

Reviews Of Coaching with Chris

what people say

The teachings are awesome


Inspiring and transforming

opera house

love, wisdom, heart and soul. Chris is the ultimate anti guru guru

Canadian Government



Chris Walker takes his clients to Nepal for coaching, but not everyone has the time. So he'll replace that with walking in a park, sailing, bike riding, telephone, swimming, fishing, kayaking and more.

Getting people outdoors for coaching is unique and important to Chris. He believes people are different in nature and helping you get away from the hustle and bustle of city life can, even for a few minutes, in a park or by a river,  make all the difference.

People are different in nature and Chris' exclusive process provides amazing benefits. Nature is biophilic, it is in us all, a healer and crucial to mind body health, but more than this, getting out and about in nature taps into our visionary side, bringing out the best of us.

Chris Walker has lived in nature most of his life. He's aware of the impact of urbanisation on people. He sees and has experienced how easy the hard working, super committed, individual can go downhill simply because they are boxed in. In an air conditioned box: home, gym, work, family, car, plane, bedroom, cafe and sleep. Inspiration has no chance amongst this urban jungle unless we step back. 

But more than walking in nature, Chris Walker has distilled the laws of nature so we can bring nature home into our work and life.  It is unique coaching based on the Universal Principles of Nature. It solves problems, creates solutions, deals with Cause and effect and is a curriculum of the mysteries. Based in the real world it aims to provide you with the tools to keep nature in your heart and mind, to make change that is helpful, conscious and permanent.


Chris’s background is not limited to the business world, his attraction as a change agent and keynote speaker comes from the diversity and seeing contradictions of his life. His credentials include a lifetime of turning challenges to success. Starting from an alcoholic and violent childhood home he went on to self fund his own university education and start a successful entrepreneurial career. From the disaster of a marriage breakdown and disastrous journey through a divorce his ex wife and three children to a magnificent loving relationship with his soul mate. From street thug and car thief to a long time friend of spiritual monasteries high in the Nepal Himalayas. From bruised and broken football player to adept yogi. 


Uniquely Australian, highly intuitive and inspired, Chris Walker is one of the world’s leading change agents, life coaches and retreat leaders. He has worked with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders throughout the world.

Chris is on the forefront of radical personal development and change that inspires people to find purpose and to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature. His methods are dynamic, and direct. His work is gifted, heart-opening and inspirational.

The process Chris embraces can be confrontational, but if you are prepared to β€œstep out” the personal power that this knowledge gives you is without doubt life changing and truly inspiring.

Chris’s purpose is to open hearts and to stop the hurt. His work comes from his heart and is a truly magnificent gift for anyone ready to receive it. Chris shows people how to bring spirit into their life and keep it there. His sensitivity and empathy to others is his gift.

The most powerful thing that we can do with our lives is to be on purpose, and live with the knowledge of spirit. Chris helps you discover this, that which is already yours, and through his work, you will find the courage and love to honour your-self and follow your heart.

Chris brings his work to individuals and businesses. He believes for business success, you first need to create personal success, and this happens when your business and the people within it are on purpose.

Chris Walker is an author, a speaker and a truly inspirational individual who has been fortunate enough in this life to find and live his truth.

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You want to be a champion at work, financially and at home. So, there's some opportunities to help you get there faster and smoother. Taking the SUCK out of SUCCESS is my mission. To help you be your best, live with an open heart and kick goals at home with family and at work. Healing the past, preparing for the future. These videos aim to support my coaching programme.

Video  Short List

Magnetic Health


Universal Laws


Balanced, centred and calm

Vision and Purpose


Self Leadership

Enjoying Work


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β€œ It's hard to imagine that we don't get taught this in primary school - it would save the world so much pain. This is the ideal wedding present, but i doubt those star struck lovers would want to be so sacred in their haste. It's a great gift even if they read it when, as walk says, "the honeymood can last forever."

James Coleman

- Avantgarde Magazine -

" As I write this review, MY EYES still wet from tears i realise how wonderful life can be if we only make our homes more sacred instead of running around looking for the divine in ice boxes and temples. "

elisabeth kim

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