Unleashing the Power Within: Unveiling the Essence of Self through Intrinsic and Extrinsic Values

Unleashing the Power Within: Unveiling the Essence of Self through Intrinsic and Extrinsic Values

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Today in this blog, i borrow a video from day 21 of my 30 day challenge. 

I delve into the profound journey of self-mastery and self-leadership with you today.

I firmly believe that a key element in this transformational journey is understanding our intrinsic and extrinsic values. These values serve as a compass, leading us to a greater self-awareness and unlocking the true essence of our being. Let’s embark on this exploration together.Discovering the True Self:Self-mastery and self-leadership entail more than just external accomplishments or societal expectations. It is about peeling away the layers of conditioning and discovering our authentic selves within. Intrinsic and extrinsic values act as signposts, pointing us toward our truest desires and ultimate purpose.Intrinsic Values: The Sustainers of AuthenticityIntrinsic values relate to the qualities, virtues, and ethics that reside deep within us. These values reflect our core identity, defining who we truly are when external influences are stripped away. Examples of intrinsic values may include love, honesty, compassion, and integrity.When we consciously align our actions with our intrinsic values, we experience a profound sense of fulfillment and meaning. Our intrinsic values serve as beacons of light, guiding us on our life path, and bringing coherence to our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Through the cultivation and understanding of these values, we allow our authentic selves to shine brightly.Extrinsic Values: The Reflection of Our External WorldExtrinsic values, on the other hand, are driven by external factors such as social norms, cultural expectations, and material rewards. While they can provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment, relying solely on extrinsic values can lead to a misalignment between our external persona and inner truth.When we prioritize extrinsic values without considering our intrinsic values, we may overlook our true passion and purpose. This can result in a feeling of emptiness, burnout, and a sense of living a life that is incongruent with our core essence. Understanding the role and limitations of extrinsic values allows us to place them in proper perspective, ensuring they support our inner growth rather than constraining it.

The Power of Self-Awareness:

Knowing our intrinsic and extrinsic values provides a powerful framework for self-awareness. It helps us discern the choices and decisions that are aligned with our authentic selves, leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling life.1. Enhanced Decision-Making:When we are clear about our intrinsic and extrinsic values, we can make decisions based on what truly matters to us. This clarity empowers us to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, knowing that we are honoring our true self in every choice we make.2. Greater Resilience:Understanding our authentic values serves as a guiding light during times of difficulty or adversity. This resilience arises from the knowledge that we are living in alignment with our core essence, enabling us to overcome obstacles with grace and determination.3. Cultivating Meaningful Relationships:By consciously embodying our intrinsic values, we attract and cultivate relationships that nourish our souls. Surrounding ourselves with individuals who resonate with our authentic selves amplifies our growth, enriches our experiences, and supports our transformation.Conclusion:As we embrace the path of self-mastery and self-leadership, let us do so with a deep understanding of our intrinsic and extrinsic values. Knowing our true self is the cornerstone of genuine fulfilment and living a life that aligns with our essence. By consciously honouring our intrinsic values, grappling with our extrinsic values, and embracing self-awareness, we unlock the power within ourselves and unleash our fullest potential.I know this journey will bring you profound self-discovery, liberation, and an unwavering connection to your authentic self.To your continued evolution,Chris Walker

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