How to Use Silence for Power E-Book

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Intro of Ebook

When we meet people, we want to impress them. Sometimes we want to excite their interest and get their favour, or we want to project an image they like or perhaps to intimidate them or impose our will on people.

How do we cultivate these impressions quickly and effectively.

The most important thing here is the power of suggestions.

The ability to hint and allude to things rather than be crude and direct.

We must embody a sense of mystery, causing people to want to know more about us and what we have to say and think.

We must be wary always talking, sharing, discussing stuff, trying to oversell.

The less you say the more people will fill in the blanks.

This process of communication can be counterintuitive to some people.

Some people think so critically of themselves or others that they fear that if they leave blanks, others will fill those blanks negatively.

But if we hint and allude to things in the right way, they’ll almost always fill in the blanks way to your advantage.

In other words, if you don't tell somebody everything, they will think more positively about you than if you tell everything tell the person too much.

Too much control, too much emotion, too much information, and they start to think the opposite. There are no blanks.

When you catch yourself speaking fast, trying to squeeze more in to the window of time you think you have. You are filling in the blanks, and that’s going to cause negative perception. Disempowering you.

Sometimes we speak fast to be powerful. It works the opposite. Read the book for more....

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