How to Prevent Complacency

Posted in   All Posts Innerwealth, Better Life   on  July 26, 2023 by  Christopher Walker ,  

Whether it's your first encounter with self development or you've been doing it for a hundred years, a daily thinking time, your time, me time, quiet contemplation time is a vital part of life and success. But instead of meditating and chanting, which soothes the nerves (which would be best not ruffled in the first place,) you can, instead, answer a question each day. Go to the date in the journal that matches today and either in Notability or what ever app you choose, or print and bind the book old school, fill out the day, and make it a daily ten minute me time exercise. I am 100% sure you'll benefit.

This keeps your vision up to date and stops the continual attack on your conscious approach to life.

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