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In this episode, we explore the essence of conscious leadership in modern business. From the evolving role of technical expertise to the critical balance between engagement and productivity, we delve into the adaptability required for effective leadership. Learn how to maintain a balanced approach, avoiding stress and fostering productivity in different business environments. Tune in […]

Hey there, nature lovers and truth seekers! Welcome back to another blog post from the Anti Guru Guru corner, where we cut through the fluff and dive straight into the heart of what makes us tick. Today, we’re tackling a subject that’s as crucial as it is often misunderstood: taking care of yourself. When most […]

Introduction Hey there, nature lovers and truth seekers! Welcome back to another episode of the Anti-Guru Guru Podcast, where we cut through the fluff and dive straight into the heart of what makes us tick. Today, we’re exploring a topic that’s both challenging and crucial: mental health, and the often overlooked power we possess to […]

Introduction: The Universal Struggle From the bustling cities of the West to the serene temples of the East, humans are engaged in a perpetual dance between pain and pleasure. It’s a dance choreographed by our very biology, hardwired to seek what feels good and avoid what hurts. This universal truth unites us, yet what sets […]

Financial stress is a growing concern, with millions struggling to manage their money amid rising costs, high rent, and increasing debt. According to a recent Fast Company article, they claim many people are living paycheck to paycheck, and financial woes are taking a significant toll on their mental health. While the statistics highlight the experience, […]

Introduction Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris, speaking to you from indoors as the weather in Bondi changes once again. Today, we have the opportunity to discuss vision, inspiration, and purpose. At the heart of these concepts is the idea of living and working with heart, embracing your true nature. Audio […]

Finding a path that leads to genuine well-being and success can be challenging in a world filled with constant noise and distractions. The Innerwealth REAL system—Reality, Energy, Attitude, Life—offers a transformative approach that leverages the power of nature and authenticity to enhance every aspect of your life. This system is not about following rigid rules […]

When discussing doubt, self-confidence, and our approach to life’s challenges, we must recognise our thoughts’ significant role in shaping our experiences. Whether preparing for an audition, a job interview, or a race, the luxury of indulging in doubt is often a privilege reserved for those who have the security of success. For the rest of […]

In today’s world, we have insurance policies for almost everything—health, life, home, income, and cars. These policies provide us with a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that we are protected against unforeseen losses. Yet, there is one crucial area of our lives that we often overlook: self-insurance. This is where coaching comes […]

In my coaching sessions and corporate training programs, I am deeply committed to helping individuals unlock their VIP – their Vision, Inspiration, and Purpose. Here’s how I plan to guide participants through this transformative journey: Crafting Personal Vision Workshops: I will facilitate interactive workshops where participants will delve into the essence of vision. Through thought-provoking […]

Introduction: Why are we drawn to explore the universal laws that govern our existence? This question is fundamental to our quest for understanding and fulfillment. In my journey of exploration and introspection, I’ve come to realize that every aspect of human society, from religious doctrines to societal norms, is intricately intertwined with one common thread: […]

  Hey there! So, it’s a bit rainy today, perfect for a little beach podcast, don’t you think? I’ve been mulling over this chat I had about British Rail splurging on faster London to Paris trains. Seems logical, right? But then we got into the nitty-gritty of how our emotions play into it all. here’s […]

The Perils of Frustration: Chris Walker, your Innerwealth life coach wants to warn clients about the dangers of remaining frustrated. We’ve all been there: stuck in a rut, feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Unfortunately, when we become mired in a state of frustration, it can lead to more serious problems in our lives. That’s why it’s […]

TRANSCRIPT 0:24 Good Morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris. Today, we’re gonna continue from yesterday. We’re starting off with home. 0:31 Reboot your home ground advantage in your home. You’re going to want to reboot yourself and get ready for a day at work. 0:40 And that really process is gonna depend […]

This is the third in the series of Inspiration Techniques. LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD Many people say, mistakenly, that inspiration occurs only serendipitously when you forget to be worried about life. They think that those inspirations are sudden impulses that cannot be deliberately caused. But we know, we know that we know, that those people are […]

TRANSCRIPT 00:00 Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris. And we are talking today about the human spirit. And well, it’s a complicated topic at the best of times, but I will try my very best to distill it. 00:19 Enthusiasm that’s another word for the human spirit. Enthusiasm and enthusiasm is […]

Many years ago I was told that the best way to go through life is to get into the middle of the stream and float along with everybody else. The advice came from the only boss I’ve ever had in the only job I’ve ever had for an employer. It seems that my boss was […]

Having long reckoned with the relationship between cynicism and hope, I often say that cynics — who are the people most deserving of our pity — are just brokenhearted optimists. There is both a lovely confluence and a lovely inversion of these ideas in the assertion that “hope is optimism with a broken heart.” Of […]

WE judge others in order to be safe. But it’s not. Every judgement we make locks us into a cycle. WE judge in others what we don’t like or love in ourselves. A vicious circle. Career or Lifestyle … your choice is limited…. let’s explore… TRANSCRIPT 00:01 Well, good day. Self-hate. It’s all gone, hasn’t […]

It is almost beyond belief that we could hate ourselves. And most of us would say we don’t. But you can’t love one person and hate another. Every human, including ourselves, has every human trait. Therefore when we hate somebody or let’s put it more mildly are angry at them judge being them criticising them, […]