This ends the metaphysical part of the SUCCESS FORMULA lessons, the following are some brief hints of great value to any student diving into the study of INSPIRED THINKING:

  • Everything works according to the law, we, each of us, have what we deserve.
  • Do not be envious, jealous or resentful of any person’s wealth, income, possessions or happiness; They, and only they, deserve them, no one but them alone.
  • Hate no person. Hatred will come back like a boomerang and hurt you far more than it hurt the object of your hatred.
  • Ignore what you cannot/choose not/do not like, and concentrate your mind on pleasant things.
  • Do not boast or be proud of what you do NOT like. It is just a display of your ignorance and limitation. Nothing more.
  • Be true, be honest, be faithful to YOUR values. All these create vibrations which will bring back blessings and happiness to you.

You have entered the other world of the power and possibilities of which you may have had no conception. If I described it before these lessons you may not have understood. But, believe me it is a life of power to accomplish, success, achievement, happiness and satisfaction and a permanent victory over all weaknesses. It is a life of prosperity and true success. It is a life of transcendent joy. It is a life of peace and blessing to your followers, friends and family. You become “undisturbable.”

Look up. Keep looking up. Keep on affirming. Keep on visualising. Keep on meditating. Keep on believing. Keep on hoping. What you hope for, and you believe, and affirm, and visualise, is yours. Remember also that you grow in the lightness of that which you meditate upon. You go in the direction of your dominant thought.

The brain is a very delicate instrument; it is the vehicle through which the mind finds expression the mind cannot manifest its power if the brain is clouded by grossness of an unkempt body. The one who would improve his or her mind, who would awaken the mighty powers within, must give up hurtful physical habits. It is useless to attempt to eradicate bad mental habits while the body is suffering from indulgence of any kind. This includes alcohol, drugs and their legal counterpart, pharmaceuticals, carbohydrate packaged foods and sugars. For instance, it would be a waste of time to affirm all or any of the higher qualities of the mind and then go to bed intoxicated or full of pork chops and fried onions. Let your diet be on the light side, always rise from the table slightly hungry rather than stuffed full, and never eat less than three hours before going to bed. For instance, if you go to bed at 11 pm do not eat later than 8 pm. This is a most important point, the affirmations have more power if made when fasting, therefore the last thing at night and at the time of waking in the early morning are the best times to perform your D,A,V. (Denials, affirmations and Visualisations). There are physical and psychological reasons for this.

Wash your body every day, mostly without chemicals and follow that wash with rough towelling. Use a body scrubbing brush or cloth. Do not wear too much clothing. Avoid tight collars, tight ties and neck bands.

Take a fair amount of exercise, walking or swimming is the best form for most people. When walking keep the shoulders well back and back pull the neck and head back to make the head, neck, spine and the body well balanced over the hips. Above all keep the head up by keeping your neck long. Do not look down by shrinking into your shoulders, look up. There is a reason for this.

As regards diet eat the food that agrees with you best, avoid fast carbs, but eat, (if you can digests them easily), one or two raw things every day; raw ripe fruit, salad, watercress etc again there is a reason. Chew each mouthful of food until it becomes liquid.

Get into the habit of breathing deeply and through the nose, keep the mouth firmly closed. Keep your windows open at night and day: fresh air is cheap. Do not have an open window directly near your head at night.

Walk bare footed each day on real earth: sand, grass, dirt, water’s edge.

Lastly, try always to maintain a cheerful frame of mind.

Who maintain a cheerful frame of mind is easy but it may not be easy for you. You may lose yourself when people do no do as you expect, you may lose yourself when you disappoint yourself or others, you may lose yourself when there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. You may lose yourself when people are rude or unfriendly or angry and when they insult you and your intelligence. But all these losses of self are in your control and I would like to show you how to not lose yourself and therefore, under all circumstances not lose your cheerful frame of mind to stress, anxiety, frustration or any other negative thought.

We will cover this later.

In the meantime:

Let “hush: he/she/it is listening” be the watch word of your life.

It will be helpful for you to think of your subliminal mind as another person, one who is always listening, listening, listening. He or she is will act on all the thoughts that you let pass the threshold of your inner mind. If you think cruel thoughts, your subliminal mind will action and attract cruelty, and if you think success thoughts your subliminal mind, (another person) will action success.

“Hush, they are listening.” Should be the watchword of your life. Let no thought of evil, of impurity, of weakness of ill-health of failure, of hate, of anger, or fear into your subliminal mind, for he or she will receive them as orders which they will obey, and being all-powerful. Great and terrible will be the results. Therefore let only thoughts of good, purity, strength, health, success, love, self control, courage and determination into this great mind of vast intelligence and power. Do this and your subliminal mind will take these thoughts as orders and will shape your life and health accordingly. Thus in a general way your subliminal mind will be led to develop your life on helpful and successful, noble and harmonious lines.

The (DAV) Denials, Affirmations and Visualisations taught in this course, meditations and other exercises, all have a very strong, deep, scientific purpose, and this is the training of the subliminal mind. The affirmation and the visualising taught in the these lessons are given to you in order to make a definite impression on your subliminal mind.

The main object of this lesson is to make a dent or impression on the subliminal mind and to make it realise that the old life is dead and that you have now entered a new life of health, success and power. Your subliminal mind will accept this if you persevere with the visualising and the affirmations, and will just be prepared for the more advanced training which is to follow.

Let “hush: he/she/it is listening” be the watch word of your life.

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