One who hopes that others will believe in them, while they doubt themselves is destined for smallness

Chris Walker

Hard headed stoic determination can give way to uncertainty in the journey to find a middle ground for communication at work. 360 degree feedback loops and HR obsession with placating the lowest common denominator make it hard for the entrepreneur to stand tall in a mediocre working environment.

For self-belief to function in a healthy way there must be doubt. Doubt is not a dark force but a reconciliation between the left and right sides of the mind. One cannot be one sided. However, doubt is a momentary feeling and, if welcomed as an old friend, comes and goes without causing trouble. The individual who fights doubt is going to fail because they are closed. The individual who ponders on doubts, will die of worry. One must learn nature’s way of moving with the flow and yet, staying grounded in truth.

Avoid rumination at all cost. it is the fertile soil where doubt takes hold and pushes out the voice of the soul.

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