Rescue or love

Posted in   All Posts Innerwealth   on  October 11, 2021 by  Chris Walker ,  

Rescuing the weak. Saving the broken. Feeding the impoverished. Inspiring the depressed. Fixing, repairing, rescuing…. These are jobs, not relationships.

How many fall in love by thinking they are the solution? Their partner is messed up and they are the miracle cure. It feels like love, smells like love, but it is only gratitude. Never love.

There are seven areas of life. When we feel we can fill or repair one of the seven that is out of balance we feel love. It isn’t love, it feels like love. What it is, is respect. Sadly, it doesn’t last.

An out of balance person is out of balance because they are out of balance. Best leave the rebalance to a pro / not mistake it for love or relationship. It will never, ever, ever, ever work.

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