Reducing Mind Noise – Video about Doubt.

Doubt is poison. It kills more people than tobacco ever did. The cemetery is filled with doubt. No need for doubt. There are two doubts. Doubt about the past and doubt about the future. The video explains it. Clear doubt, clear much of your mind noise.

0:01 So we are progressing. I’ve even grown a bit of a beard since we started this this morning. We’re up to number three in the list of things that cause mind noise. 0:12 And this third one is I think according to yoga, the worst. And it’s called doubt. Let your doubts be cleared. 0:22 Is the great yogic saying, I, I’m pretty sure they say it in sanscript, not in English. Let your doubts be cleared. 0:29 There are two types of doubt. There’s doubt about the past and there’s doubt about the future. Let’s talk about the past first. 0:38 If you think you’ve made a decision in the past and it’s not correct, you have doubt as to whether that was the right decision, because what’s happening right now is not what you expected to happen from that ion. 0:50 So doubt about the past, doubt about the past, doubt about the future is that what you’re doing right now will cause what you want. 0:58 So there are two doubts, and both of them has have a function. If we are ungrateful for what we’re doing right now, we’re not appreciating what we’ve got, we will get doubt about the past. 1:11 And so we spend a lot of time talking about laws of nature to enable you to be able to deal with past doubt because nothing’s ever missing, just changes in form. 1:23 What we thought would happen is happening. It’s probably just not in the form we expect it to be in. So doubt about the past is something we really need to register, because that will keep you awake at night because we think we’ve made a bad decision and we are living out the negative consequences of it. 1:39 And the unfortunate part about that is there’s nothing much we can do about the thing we made a decision on. 1:45 And so we start beating ourselves up for, for the present. We start beating ourselves up for what we’re doing right now. 1:52 So that’s where gratitude for what you’ve got, appreciate what you’ve got. I need nothing. I want nothing. I have everything comes in from a yogi point of view, from a Buddhist point of view, doubt about the future is a completely different story. 2:06 Doubt about the future is really, really poison. If you have doubt about the future, you will be questioning whether the values that make you you will manifest into the future is like saying, I doubt that I’ll be married or I’ll doubt that I’ll be successful, or I doubt that I’ll be in love or I doubt that I’ll be healthy ever again. 2:35 Or I’ll doubt that I’ll be likable or I doubt. You know, we, we develop a doubt that something we value, our expectations are going to occur in the future. 2:47 When that happens, it’s because we lose faith that the things we are doing right now will cause what we want. 2:54 And it’s understandable that we would lose faith in the things that we are doing right now causing what we want because we’re intuitive. 3:02 Now, one of the things that I’ve said about mind noise is that it blocks the noise of intuition. It blocks the voice of intuition. 3:11 The intuitive voice is still there. We can still hear our intuition saying, what you’re doing right now is not going to cause what you want to have happen in the future, but there’s some part of us goes, f**k that. 3:26 I’m gonna do what I want to do right now. And that voice, that intuitive voice, can go to hell. Now, the pain of regret, which means when we get to the future, always outweighs the pain of discipline. 3:40 And when we don’t believe in ourselves enough to be disciplined about what we do in the present, doubt about the future is more than doubt, isn’t it? 3:51 It’s knowing. So if we start eating badly, if we start drinking too much, if we start being grumpy, if we don’t be complimentary, if we start not doing our work, if we start not making our boss shine as it is in the power book, if we, if we do all the things that we know we should do, if we want to be successful in the future, that’s, they’re all scripted, they’re all blueprint. 4:17 How to be successful at sport, how to be successful in business, how to be successful in relationship. It’s all blueprinted. 4:25 It, it’s been done a thousand times before. You don’t need Chris Walker or anybody to tell you the blueprint. It’s really obvious how to get what you want. 4:33 You wanna lose weight. Don’t eat as much. If you want to be more romantic, be more complimentary. If you want to get better in business, find your competitive advantage and harp on it. 4:42 If you want your brand to be more reinforced, know what your brand represents, know why it’s different and, and, and advertise it. 4:49 So the formula for success in the future is the behavior you have right now. And if you don’t have enough self-respect to have discipline around that, then it’s then your intuition is screaming out going, oh s**t, look out. 5:05 And if we are silly enough to say, I don’t care about my intuition, look out. I’m just gonna do whatever I want, and I’ll be belligerent about it and I’ll ignore all the warning signs, nature takes people like that off the planet really early. 5:19 The cemetery is full of people who are righteous or undisciplined. So that’s the concept of doubt. You don’t have to have doubt. 5:28 It’s not an essential human thought, but it will come if we go back into the past and regret and think we’ve made bad decisions because what’s going on right now isn’t what we expected. 5:41 That can be reconciled. You don’t have to have that. And if we have doubt that we will get what we want in the future is because we know not only are we guessing, we know what we’re doing right now is leading to the things we do not want to have happen in the future. 5:57 And you need to listen to that stuff. That’s the intuition. And the more you quieten your mind noise down, the more you calm your mind noise down, the more you stop talking out loud. 6:08 And the more you stop talking in loud, the more you stop talking, the more you stop using words, the more you start to get a sense, the more that intuition will tell you whether your behavior right now is gonna cause what you want in the future. 6:22 Take care. Bye for now.

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