Queens Birthday Thoughts

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this country has its heroes. We know them in sport we know them in victory in battle and we know them in politics. But this story that has been written by the ABC with great integrity encourage stands tall amongst those stories.

this is a story about a woman who stood up against violence, crime, corruption and brutality by police. She stood against a man who had been knighted by the Queen. And later found to be as corrupt as the worst of them. I understand Australia’s loyalty to its heritage. I understand how we all love a day off. I understand how a birthday for the anarchy can be celebrated.

but the Queen’s Birthday is a joke. It has no respect for our indigenous landowners, it shows no integrity about the history of the British Empire which has caused so much destruction and violence around the world. It is a demonstration of the power of the military in our own country.

I love Australia. I love our heritage. I respect our first nation indigenous people. But I see none of it in celebrating the Queen’s Birthday of all people who can night a corrupt policeman who has killed, corrupted and manipulated Australians openly.


I’d encourage you to read this article top to toe. We are not, who we claim to be in the past, present or future. Be independent, self sufficient in life. Look beyond the rhetoric and think. Where are the universal laws of nature in this? You have the right to have your own wisdom, not the mass unconsciousness of memes inherited from a corrupt past.

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