by Christopher Walker

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October 20, 2023 | All Posts Innerwealth, Better Business

This series of Vodcasts is designed to discuss personal magnetism and therefore personal power. And today I'm going to discuss with you the secrets to not giving your power away. Given that the energy from the sun is powerful and life-giving it is a shame to waste it. Wasting it on things like worry, stress and judgement, negativity and pessimism. If we Best that cursing creation is possible then wasting your personal energy is the first step that we must arrest in order to be fully grateful for what we've got and therefore fully empowered. Enjoy the video below. You can also find this Vodcast on Spotify.

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Author and agent of change, Chris Walker offers insights to improve the quality of your life, grow your business and develop a better home life.

Walker argues that global, corporate and community change begins with individual change.

Chris presents Nature's Laws - Bringing the Balance of Nature to Work.

Nature's laws bring nature to high rise offices, TV addicted children and relationships that struggle for balance. Nature's laws can bring a new understanding of an old theme, that really, our humanity is grounded in the balance of nature.

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