by Christopher Walker

How to Create A Better Outlook on The Future

May 24, 2023 | All Posts Innerwealth, Better Self

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What to do today:

We have spoken about power. Human power. One thing that kills human power, and therefore success, is irritation. Whatever irritates you, you give power to. If a mouse irritates you, you give power to it. Do you want to empower those people who irritate you? I doubt it. It would make them stronger and the irritation larger. 

This little deck and the video explanation is about not empowering those things that irritate you. Which achieves two things. One it keeps the power where it belongs, you, and second, it keeps you on a healthy trajectory to build your values into success and happiness.

About the author, Christopher Walker


Author and agent of change, Chris Walker offers insights to improve the quality of your life, grow your business and develop a better home life.

Walker argues that global, corporate and community change begins with individual change.

Chris presents Nature's Laws - Bringing the Balance of Nature to Work.

Nature's laws bring nature to high rise offices, TV addicted children and relationships that struggle for balance. Nature's laws can bring a new understanding of an old theme, that really, our humanity is grounded in the balance of nature.

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