My job is to understand you. Understand what you want. Understand where you have been. Understand why you are here. Understand what you do. Understand where you are going. And with that understanding, help you go there. Sometimes what you’ve done and where you are going, why you are here and who you define yourself …

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There can be lots to be angry about. Anger is a huge and essential part of nature. Anger, like everything in the universe is a gift to you. You can use anger. Anger is not a bad thing. Anger is both good and bad. Anger is simply anger until you judge it. Anger drives change. …

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The Miracle of Disappointment

Nature never apologises. Everything she does, she means to do. There are no accidents in nature. She intends everything that happens. Everything has a purpose. And, one such miracle is disappointment. We project our hopes onto a screen as a movie projects onto a television screen. We have a script, a light for energy, and …

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RALF WALDO EMERSON What is the Meaning of Self-Reliance? I read the other day some verses written by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional. The soul always hears an admonition in such lines, let the subject be what it may. The sentiment they instil is of more value than any thought they …

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Separated from nature I am whole. I feel whole at least. Four walls define me. I am wealthy because my bank defines me so. I am healthy, because I do nothing to interrupt my experience of it. I am good because I do nothing more than watch TV and eat. So easy is life when …

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It will come as a surprise to some readers, but not to those I coach, that nothing is missing in your life. That the universe you live in would never deprive you of what you want, that there are only magic moments, there is order in the chaos we call life. Nothing is missing, it …

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The Evolution Solution

As covid mutates into Alpha and Delta, and the next variant starts to evolve in Indonesia, we have, before our eyes, an Olympic Games of the most competitive reflection, life itself. Naively we turn to medications that remain focussed on solving the first variant, and, in America, they now speak of three or even four …

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Beware setting your sights on a moving target

You might be sitting down thinking “what am I going to do when Covid restrictions lift and life gets back to “normal.” There are a few things you might need to avoid in making your choices. Most important is to avoid setting your sights on a moving target. It’s the equivalent of playing football when …

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There are three layers of thought: The First Layer  The Second Layer The Third The first layer results in stress and anxiety because it has no certainty of the future. It is purely emotional thinking and even those with the highest levels of EQ, will be stressed and experience anxiety. It is therefore the mission …

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As a business coach I get to see a huge diversity of problems people face. Relationship, business, health, financial, family and career crisis. None of it is funny and it all hurts. Crisis is a difficult place. And I have been there too, so I know what I’m talking about here. But there’s something far …

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Here’s a story about romance, spirituality and love. Infatuation attracts us to someone. To the level of infatuation that attracts us to someone, there will be the resentment to push us away. Infatuation breeds resentment. How we react to this post honeymoon infatuation depends on our constitution. An ether person will live in fantasy and …

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Welcome Life in pure harmony with nature reveals a most powerful discovery. That we exist in everything ………. We are the environment we create Christopher Walker A Global Opportunity A Revolution in the way humanity treats itself – Natures Laws The Laws of Nature are a revolution in the way humanity treats itself and therefore …

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