How You Can Eliminate Mind Noise Forever and the Consequences of Not.

TRANSCRIPT Mind Noise:  craving for excitement, agitation, variety, stimulation, energising, motivation, activity, thinking, worry, reaction, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, poor immune system, frequent colds, headaches, brain fog, excessive fatigue, weight gain, especially low mood or feeling like you’re in a funk.  And if you’ve talked to your partner about it, probably told you to calm …

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I would suggest really strongly that sadness is a really big mind noise, spinning around there thinking, “I’ll be really sad about this, and it’ll make a big difference.” It doesn’t. Your sadness makes things worse. And so the process of getting above sadness and moving through sadness quickly is a process to allow you …

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WE judge others in order to be safe. But it’s not. Every judgement we make locks us into a cycle. WE judge in others what we don’t like or love in ourselves. A vicious circle. Career or Lifestyle … your choice is limited…. let’s explore… TRANSCRIPT 00:01 Well, good day. Self-hate. It’s all gone, hasn’t …

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It is almost beyond belief that we could hate ourselves. And most of us would say we don’t. But you can’t love one person and hate another. Every human, including ourselves, has every human trait. Therefore when we hate somebody or let’s put it more mildly are angry at them judge being them criticising them, …

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MIND NOISE; the Importance of Awareness of your Reactions

It may seem strange at first to think that in your mind there is constant noise, it arrives through the senses and delivers, when necessary, a reaction. But before that arrival of sensory input, we can have thoughts rolling around in our head that we are just not aware of. Self depreciating, self criticising, self …

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Podcasts Over on SOUNDCLOUD

Mind noise sneaks up on us when we leave a vacuum. When we do not focus on the Will of life, then life imposes its will. Listening to the Innerwealth Podcasts over on SOUNDCLOUD can fill your empty space with love and heart and soul filled experiences, those we call, inspired. Slip on over on …

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Mind Noise and Why Heart and Soul Matter.

TRANSCRIPT OF CHRIS WALKER INNERWEALTH ON THE BEACH SOUNDCLOUD PODCAST FROM FEB 9th. Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, we’re just walking back along the beach, the wind is behind me. So I thought I could grab a quick podcast before I got home after an ocean swim. (the water is gorgeous.) A little …

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Youtube Back in Action

For the past few years I’ve made my Youtube Chanel and the 300 videos that are available there, restricted. I felt they were ahead of their time. Now, the time is right. So, if you’re tired of Netflix and Foxtel and the rest, and want something fun and going to improve your life, please enjoy …

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Freedom from mind noise comes with a wonderful connection to nature. In this audio book over on Spotify, I delegate my robot friend to read the book for you. DOWNLOAD YOUR E-COPY OF THE BOOK BELOW

Mind Noise and Dealing with Overwhelm

Too much going on at once we get overwhelm. It happens when sensory inputs are full and the mind can’t separate nor link them. If not sorted it leads to frustration and illness. Here’s nature’s way…. TRANSCRIPT 00:01 Ok. Hey, today we are talking about overwhelm and we’re talking about mind noise. I put some …

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Mind Noise – Dealing with Frustration

One of the most challenging sources of mind noise is frustration. Man it’s a total bummer. We learn and then we learn and then we learn and then we learn and ….. and each time we learn we wish we’d learnt sooner what we learnt. We also only seem to learn when calamity disaster or …

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Mind Noise – Curing Regret

The Pain of Regret outweighs the pain of discipline. There is a cure for regret and regret is one of the most toxic things we can carry. Let’s explore. TRANSCRIPT 0:00 Okay. Hey, well, this is the third and final episode today of our mind noise. I’m probably giving you mind noise by helping you …

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Mind Noise – Eliminate Anxiety

TRANSCRIPT 00:01 Well, good. A good, a good anxiety. Anxiety. Ooh, I can’t think of a better song. Anxiety is to worry about the future. 00:21 The future is of course, the unknown because no matter how much rhetoric we sit on here and share with this particular mechanism called a microphone and a podcast, …

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Mind Noise Video On Worry

TRANSCRIPT 00:02 And today we’re talking about worry. So mind noise has been a really strong topic, and I think you will understand when I say it’s probably one of the most important topics that we talk about in in a wealth. 00:20 Let’s go through a few things. Firstly, we want to learn the …

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Reducing Mind Noise – High and Low Emotion

TRANSCRIPT 0:00 Well, it’s the last one for the day. I hope you’ve enjoyed this day and this overload of work we’ve put in today. 0:08 I’ve had Monday to package it all up and give you some fabulous, I think, insights into my noise. Let’s just wind it up with the last one. 0:18 …

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Reducing Mind Noise – Video about Anger

Anger will mess you up, both mind noise and interpersonal. So, let’s be clear, it’s not a wise first choice. But anger can be helpful during times of change. Here’s a video about why. TRANSCRIPT 0:00 Goodday hope you’re enjoying this series of podcasts and blogs and videos. And today we are talking on this …

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Reducing Mind Noise – Video about Doubt.

Doubt is poison. It kills more people than tobacco ever did. The cemetery is filled with doubt. No need for doubt. There are two doubts. Doubt about the past and doubt about the future. The video explains it. Clear doubt, clear much of your mind noise. 0:01 So we are progressing. I’ve even grown a …

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The Himalayas and The Path We Choose


Experience is an expensive teacher. A hospital, divorce or the loss of self-respect are even more ex- pensive. I know, because that’s how I learned most of what I now know. I didn’t have bad luck. I was just too driven to hear the warning signals, too obsessed with work and play to see that …

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With the digital world leading us into the future, opportunities for success have never been so abundant. Yet, hand in hand with this amazing potential, and sitting underneath it, are personal catastrophes mounting in frequency everyday. I fight those catastrophe’s head on by helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives stay connected to the power …

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