How to Deal With Overwhelm

TRANSCRIPTThere is a beautiful concept of organised supervise deputise. 

If you ever get overwhelmed at work if you find yourself swamped. The reason is is because you have failed to organise supervised deputise your work. That means you’re living hand to mouth or you’re so busy doing things that you have no time to stand back and organise them. Ultimately, we all if we systematise and out our jobs, we will have less and less and less to do. But the first time you systematise Something it takes time. For example, I might have a report to write.

And if I write that report with the same structure more than twice, for example, doing a Keynote or a podcast like I am now. Then there’s an opportunity to systematise the writing of reports or the doing of a podcast that doesn’t mean the content is is systematised, what it means is the structure is but to systematise the structure means you have to take time out. You have to take time to do it. So it’s an investment. Organised means you firstly invest in doing something and realising that there’s a structure to it. And you find that structure and you spend the time to, let’s say, map the structure of what you’re doing so it becomes a repetitive pattern.

The second part of it is organised supervise, supervise means you invite somebody who might eventually take over that piece of work, which you would normally call delegate to somebody. You invite them to do it but you supervise you split your work with that person looking at whether you got the system right and if the person doesn’t understand how to do it, that’s your bad you have to go back and reorganise the system.

Because if you get the organisation of something right, you can pass it to somebody else. supervise them doing it once or twice see that they get it and then organise supervise deputise handed over. It’s a much more powerful thing than to get somebody on an email and say, Would you do this for me? Would you do that for me? Can you do this piece of work which is dumping.

So I really recommend this organise supervise deputise it get it frees you up to do high priority work by organising, supervising and deputising, low priority work and people who work on low priority sabotage their self worth and it’s very easy in a job to spend 90% of your day working on low priorities and 10% on high.

The numbers need to be the opposite 90% on high pros 10% on low and when we work on low priorities we working on them so we can organise supervise deputise a person who works on low priorities sabotages their self worth and there’s nothing worse.

This is Chris You have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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