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November Vodcast Week 2. The Holy Triad

November 6, 2023 | All Posts Innerwealth, Better Life

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This week we focus on the three minds: lower, middle and higher mind. These group the seven levels of mind into more simplified language: Lower being "GOT TO and SHOULD DO." Middle being Need to Want to" and Higher is Desire, Choose and Love to. The language of these minds is so contradictory in some people that they are in continual emotional upheaval. Fluctuating between inspiration and dire desperation within a single day. It must be very painful. But we all have some fluctuation and that can be very disruptive. Let's see if this week you can make a difference to your own and others alignment between what you do, be and have, or in other language, between what inspires you, what you actually do, and the results you create. Video link below... 

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