In this Deck and explanatory video i introduce the idea of mindset. There's also a podcast on this attached.

I think this is important stuff. Getting below the surface. Of course, there will be those who doubt you, but never more than you doubt yourself. 

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” Do you know you can change what you think, and make every situation a winner?

Then why wouldn’t you?  The answer is very simple. You don’t want to compromise. You have an image of what you want and you don’t want to lower it so that anything is ok. 

So we get left with a dichotomy. Win at any cost and this means compromise. Or be happy but not win, or call happiness winning at any cost. You can see from this, it’s not as simple as we make out. So, is there a way to be happy and win without compromise?

Enjoy the video

Enjoy the podcast


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