Disharmony and exhaustion occurs when vital energy is thrown away by the erratic action of the nervous system. Emotion, stress and nervous tension are the greatest leakage of personal life force known to mankind. No physician, no medicine, no drugs, pills or electric treatments have been able to stop leakage of personal life force and the loss of vitality caused by excess emotional tension, nervous tension and stress.

Harmony can be acquired. And it is an attractive force. It is simply achieved by breaking the habits of the body, regulating thoughts, steadiness of the eye and calming the mind. (Emotional stability) Add techniques of breathing and graceful, steady poise and you have created magnetic attraction of the highest order. 

Disharmony is one of the greatest causes of loss of vitality, and is a repelling energy. It is reflected in the person who is uneasy, fidgety, squirming or in any other way addicted to irritated activity. Restlessness is bad a habit. It is the cause of lost vitality, lost concentration, lost focus, lost clarity and is the primary generator of mental diseases such as depression. Steadiness is an art that should be taught to children. The harmonious and attractive person is not restless and is magnetic to others.

Self control – Mindful action – Sustains harmony within.

Freedom from restlessness is not stiffness or fixed position. Relaxation is the basis of ease, polish and grace. There is a power in correct relaxation and it is certainly not slough or laziness.

Uncontrolled bodily movements such as the frequent change of position, the moving of arms, legs, hands, fingers, eyelids, mouth, face muscles and various twitching, jerkiness indicate chronic nervous energy waste. This is when muscular energy is runaway without purpose and without control. Preventing physical leakage paves the way for new and life giving vitality. Steadiness is a habit. To bring poise into your life and relationship, become observant to all unnecessary motion you make and reduce your movements. Self-mastery inspires confidence in others, thus increasing success. Powerful people are deep. The stronger the feelings, the less should be their outward evidence.

The fidgeter makes you uneasy. You’ll have no confidence in a person who fidgets. Restless people make all around uneasy. Restless people cannot become magnetic.

Fidgeting. Especially with the fingers, tapping, scratching, moving around, odd movements of the arms and fingers reveal an unconscious deterioration in presence and vitality. This also applies to feet swinging under the table or tapping on the floor. Fingers feet hands feet drumming are all reflections of leakage in vitality.

Posture. Sitting position, slouching in a chair, head resting in the hands, leaning back, lounging, shoulders hunched, spine compressed. Short breathing is a negative habit that invites mouth open breathing and this is injurious to health. Sighing induces depression and sadness – both demagnetise the body.

Nervous reaction is a construction of the mind.

Nervous shock drives out more vital energy than can be stored in days of steady behaviour. Sudden starts affect the whole body or a part of it. Trembling, like unsteady movements, reflect weakness of nerves and mind. Halting speech sucks energy. One in 200 people talk without halting. The cure for this is to speak smoothly by direction of the will. Rapid talk also drains energy, as excess talk does. Nervous exhaustion is the penalty of the person who talks too much and too fast. 

Mental health a powerful key to Personal Harmony and vitality.

Disharmony in life occurs primarily because of worry. Examine your speech for negative terms, look to your creative output for opportunities to improve.

Physicians say that more vitality is lost, and most people die from mental stress, worry. Worry lessens the energy of every part of the body – mind, nervous system, the functions of the organs, the power of digestion, the power of accurate thinking, the respiration and the circulation. The most dangerous and the most prolific cause of nervous breakdown is worry. Worry is a mental disease that is like a cancer. Melancholy is also caused by worry. 

When your mind is calm you feel in control. Peace of mind builds personal power. When your mind is calm and your body is relaxed, your immune system and therefore your health is at a peak. When you honour your body, it is in a relaxed and alert state so that focus and concentration are possible. You will radiate that vibrancy and vitality that attracts the investment of other people in your purpose and vision. Clarity and certainty will be reflected in your appearance and speech. 

“If you have less energy at the end of the day than at the beginning, you’ve got bad stress.”

We have spoken at length about Personal Harmony and dealt with the inner environment. Now we must look to the outer because it is equally important. Harmony shows itself in objects and places. There are many ancient places where one can discover engraved stones, woods carved with artistic designs, or some symbolic representation of an ancient people’s prayers. I have found such places while trekking in the mountains of Nepal, where one finds miles of Mani stones, engraved over thousands of years by a people steeped in their commitment to prayer.

A person who is blessed with the gift of intuition can read these vibrations. Outwardly, things may appear solid, but inwardly they are a narrow continual record, a talking record that is always expressing what is written within it, where it has been, and the energy that has surrounded it. No traveller with an attunement to their intuition will deny the fact that in lands of ancient traditions, you will experience numerous places which sing aloud the legends of their past.

The same experience can be found in the atmosphere of trees in the forest. They also express the past and the ancient impressions that have been given to them by those who sat amongst them. Often, people have superstitions about a tree being haunted, especially in the East. In truth, someone who has lived there or taken shelter under the tree has created a vibration, consciously or unconsciously. Their pondering, thoughts or feelings have been absorbed into the tree and the tree’s vibration expresses it. The tree is still repeating the thought that has been passed on to it. The tree can express the voice that has spoken to it with more clarity because it is a pure, uncontaminated container.

In those countries where people once travelled long distances by foot through the forests and took shelter under certain trees, such trees are rich in messages and questions. Many aboriginal cultures adhere to this system of communication, seeking answers from the wisdom of the trees or even rocks. With highly developed intuitive faculties, they will hear the messages more clearly than if they had heard them from a living person.

Art–Objects – Things carrying a deep impact.

In a creative work of art there also exists a perceptible feeling that comes from it, of it, independent of the skill required to produce the piece and the ideas it conveys to us. In every picture, in every statue, in every artistic construction, one can hear the voice within the piece, telling the story of its purpose, the workings of the mind of the artist, and the reason for its creation. Sometimes an artist is unaware of their purpose for creating their work, they may be just following their imagination. There may be a result that contradicts their desired image, or there may be a product that tells a greater message than what they were aware of during its creation.

A friend once took me to see paintings made by his wife. When I saw them I was able to read the whole history of her life. It was obvious that his wife had experienced severe depression and was living outside her body. The pain of her story was expressed in the vibrations of those paintings. As much as the paintings expressed angelic pictures of the life ever after, a fine thread of sadness and depression weaved itself through the pictures. Whoever now owns those paintings will surely feel the vibration of a life not fully lived. You can see this not by looking with your eyes, because eyes are blind to feeling, you can see it with your heart. Consciously or unconsciously –the energy of these paintings will permeate the life of their owner. They may admire their purchase, boast at the investment, yet, their life, and lives of their family who share the environment of this art will be affected regardless.

Animals absorb the vibrations of their owner.

Communication can be found among animals as well. Pets absorb thought and feeling through their contact with their owners, humankind. Those who know horses are very particular in buying one, which has good vibrations (apart from considering its health and breed). Often a horse of very good breed and perfectly sound health can be unlucky. The reason for this is that the disposition of its former rider will have been left in the energy of the animal, leaving its influence on the heart of the horse. Perhaps the personality of the person will change, but the horse will express behaviours indicative of the time spent with its previous owner. 

Harmony of design – space.

Be mindful of design elements that are not harmonious. A staircase in the wrong place, a chair, a table doors placed in wrong areas break the harmonics, mathematics of space. The Ancient Greeks were fanatical about proportion defining love as symmetry, proportion and order.

The Greek mysteries included in their doctrines the magnificent concept of the relationship existing between harmony and form applied to elements. Architecture, for example, was considered comparable to musical notes, or as having a musical counterpart. Consequently when a building was erected in which a number of these elements were combined, the structure was then likened to a musical chord, which was harmonic when it fully satisfied the mathematical requirements of harmonic intervals. The realisation of this analogy between sound and form led Goethe to declare that “architecture is crystallised music.”

In constructing their temples of initiation, the early priests frequently demonstrated their superior knowledge of the principles underlying harmonics. A considerable part of the mystery rituals consisted of invocations and intonements, in special sound chambers. A word whispered in one of these compartments was so intensified that the reverberations made the entire building sway and be filled with a deafening roar. The very wood and stone used in the erection of the sacred buildings eventually became so thoroughly permeated with the sound vibrations of these religious ceremonies that when struck they would reproduce the same tones revealing that harmony becomes impressed into substances through ritual.

Surround yourself with harmony. 

Surround yourself with a home, a place, of business, furniture, literature, music, art, people, various articles, conditions and atmospheres all things that conform with the idea and that tend to keep the perfection in mind and exercise a silent influence in agreement upon mind and body.

Create an environment of love, acceptance and intensity. Build joy and abundance. Create sacred space in all areas in which you create your life. Home office, wherever. These environments secretly speak to you, they create the future. Therefore, the arrangement of furniture, the placement of mirrors, vases, walls and doors, all must be done in the context of harmony. Each piece has its vibration. It’s keynote. And the combination of symmetry proportion and order of the space and the furniture and fittings creates the harmonic of a space.

Be Aware of the history of the home or office you live in. Past trauma and ill will can infest a home or office. Sometimes for the life of that place. Be ware of the Real Estate Sales person who offers the idea of a makeover to change the feel of a place. It is usually deeper than that.


There is a trend to transport ancient artefacts from one culture to the next and sell these as home decorations. I strongly advise to be careful what you buy, because owning some of these religious artefacts is like drinking poison. Items of religious significance stolen from their home become dark shadows in the home of the innocent buyer. Rarely do artefacts of significant heritage leave their origin with the permission of the ancient owners – you cannot be too careful about the level of psychic influence.

The thought that accompanies an object is a vibration of free energy, a life energy. The vibrations passed into an object are neither audible nor visible; they are only perceptible by feeling. You may wonder to what they are perceptible? They become perceptible to the inquisition. This is not to say that one who lacks intuition cannot perceive such vibrations, rather, they will do so unconsciously.


Harmony exists in all things. Inside every object hides a thought and this thought becomes the message –irrespective of the nature of the object. The message in-turn will find its home. For example, the flowers one takes to a patient in the hospital can convey our healing thoughts. The patient will receive whatever messages we passed along each time they look at the flowers. Therefore every little thing given and taken in love, with a harmonious and good thought, has a greater value than the object itself. It becomes evident to us then, that it is not simply the everyday tasks of our life to hold and create material value, but also to focus on the source of our motivation, our thoughts and our integrity. It is our thoughts that are projected into the world, through the creations that hold our energy. We can choose to pass on negative destructive thoughts or harmonious, constructive thoughts. When we are mindful of the harmony of our thinking and therefore our creations, at all times, then we can watch our work become a thousand times greater in effect and value.

Music that heals.

Many ancient Greeks were known to have used harmonics, through music, to cure disease. Pythagoras himself cured many ailments of the spirit, soul and body and mind. Having certain specially prepared musical compositions played in the presence of the sufferer or by personally reciting short selections from such early poets as Hesiod and Homer. In their university at Crotona it was customary for the Pythagoreans to open and close the day with songs — those in the morning calculated to clear the mind from sleep and inspire the activities of the day; those in the evening were of modes soothing, relaxing and conducive to rest.

“Having once established harmony as an exact science, Pythagoras applied his newly found law of harmonic intervals to all the phenomena of nature, even going so far as to demonstrate the harmonic relationship of the planets, constellations, and elements to each other. Pythagoras concluded that the laws of harmony were determined, not by the sense perceptions of the human body, but by reason and mathematics. Then he totally recognised the profound effect of music upon the senses and emotions, he did not hesitate to use harmony to influence the mind and the body with what he termed, “musical medicine”. A good example is the story of a young man who, with broken heart, decided to burn the house of his unfaithful girlfriend. A flutist was playing a fast and excited tune nearby, which, in Pythagoras eyes was exciting the young man’s frenzy. Pythagoras asked the flutist to change the music to reflect harmonics, slow and rhythmic music and with this the young man abandoned his frenzy and returned home.”

Plato depreciated the notion that music was intended solely to create cheerful and agreeable emotions, maintaining rather “it should evoke a love of all that is noble, a rejection of all that is mean, and that nothing could be more strongly influence man’s innermost feelings and melody, than harmony and rhythm.”

The Greek initiates also recognised a fundamental relationship between the individual, the heavens, and harmony. They used the seven sacred vowels, and so words became sacred. Pythagoreans believed that “everything which existed had a voice and all creatures were eternally singing the praise of the creator. Man fails to hear these divine melodies because he is enmeshed in the illusion of material existence (mind). When he liberates himself from the bondage of the lower world with its sense limitations, the music of the spheres will again be audible as it was in the golden age. Harmony recognises harmony, and when the human soul regains its true state it will not only hear the celestial choir but will also join with it in an everlasting anthem of praise to that eternal good.”


Every word we speak and every syllable we hear has an affect upon the body through the power of their vibration. For thousands of years, medicine relied on the concepts of vibration found inside and outside the body to determine wellness and cure disease. This technique was lost over time, but there has been an increasingly growing awareness of the healing power of vibrations.

Not only do words greatly affect the body, but they also affect the mind. For instance, if a person is called “foolish” time and time again, they will, eventually, become foolish. If we call a simple person wise, in time they will become wise. A child, who grows up hearing judgment and being told they are incapable, comes to believe that as truth. On the other hand, a child who makes mistakes and is encouraged to keep trying, affirmed for small victories, learns to take risks and set high goals. 

A person who speaks about their illness nourishes their illness by speaking about it. It is sad to hear people speak like this, because their perceived reality is far from the truth. The emotional perceptions we have invade our reality and become the illusions we begin to believe. Subconscious thought (which determines our attitude) and conscious awareness play an equally important role in the development and unfolding of our lives.

Each word we speak is accompanied by another world. This hidden world both reflects, and manifests, its outcome. A person who is insincere can mask such a message with their choice of words, but the insincerity is revealed on a different level. The vibration and inclination of the voice will secretly betray any lies or falsehoods. We are given the clear message of a lie but the person behind the mask is the one who suffers.

In truth, it is not the word itself that is so powerful, but the feeling and vibration that the word creates. Some words attract power, some bring release from difficulties, and some give courage and strength. There are simple words and there are secret words that are more powerful still. When a person in need of peace and rest uses words that bring courage and strength, they will become even more restless. Words with negative, angry and bitter tones, if spoken enough, can affect the physiological make up of the body. In contrast, certain songs, poems, and speeches, whether by intent or by circumstance, have become renowned in the healing process for helping people. Grief can be released and soothed with the uttering of specific words. 

It is not always what we say, but how we feel it, how we express it, and what power is hidden behind our expression. Two people might speak the same truth, yet one is believable while the other is not. What is the difference? It is the vibration that is different. The individual’s personal story is different, therefore their beliefs are different, and their thinking is different. One has conviction the other is repeating knowledge.

The atmosphere contains the power of our thoughts. People admire cool self-possessed presentation; they dislike active nervous people who try to carry everything before them as a storm. Coolness allows us to be most powerful by allowing us to think more rapidly, carrying more intensity and concentration in thought. The harmonious person proceeds easily. Words are well chosen, spoken carefully, the audience listens, the language is interesting, it shows thought, care in preparation and belief in its declarations. 

  1. Seek Harmony
    • Nothing of the senses ever satisfied the soul, so what does? The answer is harmony. Listen to music and when there is harmony we are pleased. Disharmony makes us unhealthy. All disease has disharmony at its roots. Seek harmony. But what is harmony? If you look to music for answers it is incredibly complex. There are so many sources of harmony. But if you look to nature you will find it easily. Harmony is the rhythm of nature. This is translated to thought. Thoughts that are in harmony are beautiful. Thoughts that are not in harmony cause illness and stress.
  2. Celebrate Interconnectedness
    • That all things are somehow connected seeks trite at first but what if there is a forgetful mind that seeks what is missing? This forgetful mind – mindless – runs on autopilot and therefore operates from fear of the future and guilt of the past (the only two emotions). Mindfulness is therefore recognition that there is an interconnectedness between all things – cause and effect, order and chaos, support and challenge, masculine and feminine, loss and gain, pleasure and pain. Learn how to create this connection and you will have an open heart forever.
  3. Balance Your Mind
    • What is stress? It is an imbalanced thought. What is fear? An imbalanced thought. What is hate? An imbalanced thought. What is anxiety and depression? An imbalanced thought. What is judgement? An imbalanced thought… And, what is leadership? A balanced thought. What is love? A balanced thought. What is Success? A balanced thought? What is great health and longevity? A balanced thought. Can you see the immense benefit of learning how to balance your mind? It is a learnt skill.
  4. Evolveyabastard
    • Our bumpersticker. Are you stressed? Then Evolveyabastard. It may jump at you at first, but all the entire universe has one single song, Evolveyabastard. You want to stay one step ahead? Explain why things happen? You want to predict the future? You like to inspire people with their future? You will need the skills and sciences of Evolveyabastard. All the universe evolves at the border of order and chaos and the tighter you keep yourself to this border, the more you grow. Learn this skill and you will have less bad and more good luck in your aims for life.
  5. Inspiration
    • That there is an organising principle that governs the world is identical to the organising principle that governs your life, your heart. What is in your heart can be the central theme of your existence as long as you know what that is… and it is a multidimensional thing.
      • A Purpose… a far distant sense of intention for everything you do
      • A Vision … a closer navigation system that guides your actions and thoughts toward the love you have for what draws you into the long term
      • An Inspiration … a moment to moment connection between the love of life and your actions in life


The surface of our being is mind, while the depth of it is heart. The heart is clarity the mind is personality. It is through the heart that we feel ourselves or know ourselves. Once a person understands their True Nature, the character and the mystery of heart, they understand the language of the whole of creation because they know truth. So we have choices. Listen to this heart or listen to the mind and its stories or fear and uncertainty.

It takes a certain trust A trust that, when faced with what seems to be an insurmountable challenge, we will survive. It does not necessitate becoming religious. The spiritual life is not lived in temples, or on particular days of worship, nor is it only reverence to a statue or icon; it is lived every single moment of our lives. From what people see of us, and what we think, to our secret thoughts and our secret ideas.

People say put your heart into it; it means to become fully invested. It means to throw the full weight of your humanity behind something. There are no half hearted success stories. We must be vigilant. Our heart must remain invested. When the heart goes out of something we automatically sabotage it. So, if we can invest ourselves in maintaining the commitment of our heart we will automatically achieve many of our dreams in life.

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