Life in pure harmony with nature reveals a most powerful discovery. That we exist in everything ………. We are the environment we create

Christopher Walker

A Global Opportunity

A Revolution in the way humanity treats itself – Natures Laws

The Laws of Nature are a revolution in the way humanity treats itself and therefore a revolution in the way we treat ourselves.The Laws of Nature have the ability to transform the planet in their simplicity, honesty and integrity.These Laws of Nature are universal laws and by implication, appear everywhere.

Nature’s Laws are self-evident, simple and universal

The search for truth, is the conscious search for these laws. Evidence of them can be found in music, in dance, in business, healing as well as relationships.The Laws of Nature are found in every walk of life.When we, our business and our humanity live in harmony with Nature’s Laws we have success, love and happiness. When not, we have disaster. Our aim is to avoid the latter by sharing Nature’s Law, with all who are ready.

It’s not what we think, but how we think that makes change happen

Chris suggests “It’s not what we think, but how we think that will change the world. It can transform every individual, every business and ultimately our global humanity” In our complex world, we have the opportunity to simplify our understandings by relating everything to nature’s laws. Chris interprets and applies the Laws of Nature with a single purpose — a revolution in the way humanity treats itself.

A global Opportunity – Nature’s Laws

Five simple laws are self-evident, universal. And therefore, they operate in every
walk of life. We can only imagine the impact on individuals, business and global development if those five simple laws were shared globally. We believe that they are a gift to the world and the transformation they can make in people’s daily lives, their business and humanity is inspirational.

Chris Walker – Guiding you through the learning process

For 10 years now, Chris Walker has shared these five laws with the world.Travelling ceaselessly he has presented this work to corporations, Indigenous communities, artists, performers, sports stars and individuals looking for better ways, more inspired ways to live and work..The testimonials are extensive. Every cell in your body operates under the guidance of the five laws of nature and so, in understanding nature, you are understanding yourself.

Inspiration is Natural

The Harmony of Nature – A deep spirituality…

When we contemplate and learn to become one with nature, our hearts open to its music. We say “I enjoyed nature”. What is it in nature that we enjoy? It is it’s harmonic, or harmony. Something in us has been touched by the rhythmic movement, by the perfect harmony of nature, a harmony that can be lost in

the artificial life . This is the real temple, the true religion. If one is in tune with themselves and the rhythms of nature, then one moment standing in the midst of nature with an open heart is like a life time of fulfillment.

Creates Personal Harmony – It’s only natural…

When you spend some time in nature, you can run your fingers over the solid trunk of a tree, pick up a stone and notice its aged patterns, examine the fragility of a leaf, and let water flow through your fingers, there appears a certain harmony. If you examine that harmony, you will see how every object of nature is obedient to the laws of nature, and therefore, even in its roughness, tree bark or rock, has a certain beauty.

Resulting in new ways to live and work…

A lack of harmony has disastrous effects on the world, all the troubles on our earth come from this dissymmetry. All the tragedy in the world, in the individual and the multitude, comes from this lack of harmony, and harmony is best given by producing it in one’s own life.We see that the world today needs harmony more than ever before. One should be able to express the harmony for which the soul yearns and longs at every moment.This can be achieved with the awareness of Nature’s Law. There may come a time when Nature’s Law and its philosophy will become the religion of humanity.

By reconnecting to what is natural within us!

The beat and pulse of the heart are harmonious.The inhalation and exhalation of the breath are the result of a continuous rhythm and tempo. All life depends upon this musical pattern.The breath manifests as voice, as word, and as sound.This internal harmony, with its dependence on a perpetual cadence of notes, echoes the sound of a perfect song, from the harmony found in the world around us.This is creation at work.

Simplicity is the Key

The keys to living Inspired

Following the Laws of Nature you will rid yourself of clutter, physically and mentally which brings a purity to your life. If emotions start to obstruct your journey, you will be able to transform that challenge back to truth, spontaneously and with spiritual integrity.

Through this awareness, there is an implied merging of stillness and fluidity. Stillness
is vital because unless the mind is still, it cannot find truth. Fluidity, because the world itself is endlessly changing around us, in busy chance events.Yet your spirit, at the heart of all this restlessness, must remain still, motionless, resonating in harmony with nature.

Simplicity is nature’s cure

In our complex world, we have the opportunity to simplify our understandings by relating everything to nature. Nature is the keeper of sacred law.The forest, the ocean, the sky, species, rocks, plants, animals and insects all have a voice. It requires silence and wisdom to hear it. Knowing those laws will create harmony in your work, stimulate the environment you create, direct the exercises you do and help create the depth and silence to open your inner ear to the voice of inspiration.

We are the environment we create

Nature is the mirror of truth. Nature holds the key to the magnificent story of life. She is ready for you when you are ready for her.There is nature surrounding you every moment and you can study her with the deepest of reverence. Nature’s Laws are in harmony with life – one moment standing in the midst of nature with an open heart is like a life time of fulfillment.

Nature is the keeper of sacred law.

Nature is the keeper of sacred law. Witness her life and compare it. She is the guardian of reality. Our expectations of nature are for her to be her best.To be strong, to change, to be calm and to surrender.To be born and to die… and in her existence, to evolve.

Nature’s Laws Resolving Crisis

Relationship Breakdown

In the application of the Laws of Nature to loving relationships we talk of boundaries, unconditional love, respect and honoring, trust and healing. Nature’s essence is the relationships it harvests between its diverse elements.We learn from the laws, ways and means to hold the purity of love sacred, and yet, when it’s time, an understanding of how to release and let go. Nature’s law resolves this crisis.

Stress and Anxiety

The technologies to reduce stress and anxiety come from the Laws of Nature in treating cause, rather than effect. Nature goes to the core of issues, in development of an understanding of why, and then adapts to provide solutions. Nature’s Law resolves this crisis.

Illness and Disease

Nature is doing all that it can to teach you, to keep you alive, to grow and evolve you. Illness and disease is one of nature’s teachers. From all disease and illness we can learn, as if reading from a book, an ancient book, the messages of loving kindness sent to us, from the realms of Nature’s Law. Nature’s Law resolves this crisis.

Mental health and Depression

In no other field of endeavour do the Laws of Nature provide a more obvious resolution of human crisis than in the field of mental health.When our thinking contradicts the Laws of Nature, we begin one of the fiercest fights we can wage. Our mind can be a stubborn fighter, and in the process our well-being and state of mind can become disturbed. Nature’s Law resolves this crisis.

Self-Abuse – Emotional Breakdown

To fight nature is to fight against ourselves. False expectations, emotional belief systems from the past, unwanted baggage, excess analysis, un-healthy responses and unrealistic expectations can drive us into self-depreciating self-sabotage. Nature’s Laws provide a filter through which we can measure the accuracy of our beliefs, emotions and expectations, and therefore find where we are out of balance. Nature’s Law resolves this crisis.

Nature’s Laws Applied in Personal Life

Emotional Integrity

The five Laws of Nature resolve problems, inspire contribution, open hearts to life and can, when explored deeply, create a healing for mind and body.The Laws of Nature can deepen the love we share in family and relationship by removing the barriers and dampening reactions. Nature’s Laws transform emotions and exhaustion to life giving energy.

Personal Happiness

To be inspired is to be enthusiastic about life while remaining humble to it. Inspiration requires mastery of space, environment, mind, body and connection to a higher source. Chris shares a huge diversity of experience applying the Laws of Nature
to everyday life and the process to help you achieve inspiration. The end result is the ability to achieve a state of inspiration, anywhere, anytime no matter what the circumstance. Nature’s Laws unlock the secrets of sustainable happiness.

Personal Spirituality

Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here? Where did I come from? How do I feel? What is nature’s intent for life.The 5 Laws of Nature can or could affect the way you life, think, love and work. Apply these laws to the judgements and expectations you have and see if they pass the acid test of the Laws of Nature.This is about acceptance and ownership. Nature’s Laws inspire depth and meaning.

Personal Contribution

To feel valued, needed and to have some sense of contribution to the world is a vital ingredient of health and well-being.The Laws of Nature seek purpose in everything and this is a great knowledge to own for yourself individually, what is your life purpose, vision and therefore inspiration. Nature’s Laws inspire purpose.

Relationship and Love

All of life is a blend of relationships, to people, the earth, to wealth and to a higher power. However, these all culminate in the sanctity of love for a significant other. Some call it soul mate, others the love of their lives, but no matter what we call it, nature would concur that this mutual bond between elements is one of the most vital and health giving ingredients of an inspired life. Nature’s Laws inspire love.

Nature’s Laws Applied to Humanity

The Laws of Nature applied to Global Change

The paths to this inner calm are many, and it seems, everyone thinks their clock alone tells the correct time. Christians claim to possess exclusive truth. Countless varieties of Hindus insist that their sect, no matter how small and insignificant, expresses
the ultimate position. Devout Muslims maintain that the Koran supersedes all others. The entire world is being driven insane by this single phrase “my religion alone is true”. The great gift of this work is that it is not a religion.Therefore, there

is no claim or argument. Nature belongs to everyone, has no mediator, does not judge. Natures is a pure and clean mirror of the mind that created it. For us, the betterment of the world that is at heart, but we must seek the change in ourselves first.

The Laws of Nature applied to global harmony

To cultivate inner truth one must occasionally step out of their conventional environment into the spaciousness of clarify. One must retire now and then to wonder and explore possibilities for growth and development.This can most simply be achieved by moving into seclusion, to sit peacefully in the clear waters of solitude, illuminated by the sunlight of truth. Nature holds this opportunity in the palm of its hand. However, we don’t wish to be so splintered between our daily environment and the realms of nature itself. That is why we teach the Laws of Nature.With these, whether you are on the 100th floor of a high rise building, sitting on a crowded

train or resting your feet by the home fire, you can retire to the realms of nature, instantaneously.Then you can return compassionately to the denser, more obscure realms of social responsibility, without becoming disorientated by them.

It begins – One person at a time – It can therefore begin with you

If the mind is still, the heart is true and happy and then, the body will be happy. One must find out how to become happy within by achieving this inner calm anywhere, anytime. With the Laws of Nature, reality provides the beauty in which truth is recognized. It is seen in light and dark and this gives balance to our personality. Wisdom gives that weight – seeking the balance is the mark of wisdom. Foolishness at it’s core is worry, anxiety, stress, and giving ones power to others through concern over that which cannot be changed.To emote on matters of opinion or reaction is unproductive.Wisdom alone brings freedom and when we free another to be themselves we free ourselves.This is the mark of the Laws of Nature.

Nature’s Laws Applied to Culture Change

Evolveyabastard – yes we support the humanitarian stuggle to rise above the smallness of self-righteousness to a higher way of being.

Evolveyabastard, means, grow instead of complain, adapt instead of judge, see two sides instead of one, change yourself instead of the world.

Evolveyabastard means learning the difference between love and expectation.

Evolveyabastard means learning that nobody does to you more than you do to yourself.

Evolveyabastard means accepting that what we want to change in others is simply a mirror of what we don’t like in ourselves.

Evolveyabastard means holding on, and attachment to people is not love but a frightening insecurity, an ignorance of the abundance of life.

Evolvyabastard is our culture of human potential corporate motto.Whenever you hear someone at the office say “I’m not happy, or I’m exhausted or they did this or that to me”, simply turn, smile and wink and say, “EVOLVEYABASTARD”. Pity loves a party, so become a party pooper in business.

Evolveyabastard throws the full weight of change back onto the individual. If someone wants to reduce pollution – then instead of trying to change the planet, they evolve their own reality before attacking others.

Evolveyabastard throws down the gauntlet to the misery seeking save-the-whale anti-progress individuals whose own personal growth has been stunted by ideas and values about their own vulnerability in the past.

Evolveyabastard throws down the gauntlet to those men and women in business whose blind drive for achievement would turn to greed, selfishness, abuse, ignorance and profit before love.

Evolveyabastard throws down the gauntlet to any religious zealot who may think their religion is special, or more than just a mere fragment of one of the Laws of Nature. Evolveyabastard will prove in fact and truth that all religions are from one home, and nature has the keys to the door.

Nature’s Laws Applied to Business

Inspired Business Culture

The Laws of Nature applied to business management and leadership create cultures of human potential. Such cultures value growth, change, opportunity and most important, individual responsibility for wellbeing and inspiration. The Laws of Nature applied to business build cultures where people have the skills for personal happiness as well as the skills to manage themselves, mind body and spirit, through the implementation of global best-of-field strategy.

Inspired Strategies

Using the Laws of Nature, you can examine competitive strategy and how nature can predict competitive market dynamics. Further, you can examine critical issues reflected from the Laws of Nature in planning for the future, brand management, asset and resource structuring. Applying nature’s approach to sustainable leadership, teamwork, personal mastery and culture pin points, are the foundation of all hierarchies in nature.

Inspired Leadership

Hierarchy is the most powerful and all pervasive Law of Nature.All other laws are subordinate to that one law. If the person at the top is not inspired with a powerful certainty for the future,then the rest of the organization will suffer.As a leader you are responsible for the motivation and inspiration of those below you, because they are exactly a reflection of you.The Laws of Nature place huge emphasis on the inspiration of the leader.The more inspired the leader, the more inspired the workforce.

Inspired Spaces

We are all unique, we thrive in unique environments, with unique colors and music and computers and management styles. Using the five elements of nature, Chris Walker and Rama Prasad,Ayurvedic doctor,have bought the ancient teachings of Ayurveda to business..The impact adds to the ability of each and every individual to ensure that while they fit in the team, they develop unique and appropriate environments where they thrive.This also applies to managing others and creates a significant leap in the honoring of diversity in organizational cultures.

About Chris Walker

Uniquely Australian, highly intuitive and inspired, Chris Walker is
on the forefront of radical personal development and change that inspires people to find purpose and to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature. His methods are dynamic, and direct. His work is gifted, heart-opening and inspirational.

The process Chris embraces can be confrontational, but if you are prepared to “step out” the personal power that this knowledge gives you is without doubt life changing and truly inspiring.

Chris’s purpose is to open hearts and to stop the hurt. His work comes from his heart and is a truly magnificent gift for anyone ready to receive it. Chris shows people how to bring spirit into their life and keep it there. His sensitivity and empathy to others is his gift.

The most powerful thing that we can do with our lives is to be
on purpose, and live with the knowledge of spirit. Chris helps you discover this, that which is already yours, and through his work ,you will find the courage and love to honour your-self and follow your hear t.

Chris brings his work to individuals and businesses. He believes for business success, you first need to create personal success, and this happens when your business and the people within it are on purpose.

Chris Walker is an author, a speaker and a truly inspirational individual who has been fortunate enough in this life to find and live his truth.

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