INSPIRED THINKING #12A Good Leadership: Getting Sucked in but Evolving Back Out Again. Video

Posted in   All Posts Innerwealth, Better Business   on  May 11, 2022 by  Chris Walker ,  

Every day there is a chance that something is going to suck you from your inner sanctuary of wise decision making and good leadership into an emotional state of reaction. That chance is nature’s universal law at work bringing you to chaos from order. That’s called evolution. You evolve at the border of chaos and order. That’s nature’s purpose for your entire existence, believe it or not.

This video creates an overview of the process of returning from that chance encounter with daily reaction, chaos and mess into your powerhouse sanctuary again. The whole key is to do it fast, consciously and sustainably so the trigger that sucked you out of your power leadership space doesn’t trigger you again next time. That’s how you evolve.

Enjoy the video. Any questions, please ask.

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