How to Work in a Job You don’t Love

TRANSCRIPTWe all wear golden handcuffs when it all boils down, don’t we? Something new we really want, sticks its head up out of the trench and suddenly we find ourselves working our butt off in order to pay it off. That’s the golden handcuffs secret. 

And none of us are living in Buddhist monasteries or ashrams. In Nepal, or wherever in Bali. And so we do have commitments on one hand, financial demands on the other hand, and a job from which we derive the income and people will constantly talk about this current concept of a gold pair of golden handcuffs.

I remember when I was about 18 years old, my dad said to me by property, because it will make you safe and it will make you work for an objective and I think holding an objective for our work is really important, especially if we can’t find purpose in the work constantly to drive us forward. So the motivation to pay our bills and the motivation to buy a bigger house or a better car can be a really strong driving force to cause us to go towards achievement.

But what you’re going to find out there in the big wide world is there’s a lot of yoga teachers and meditation teachers and relaxation teachers and people who are involved in the alternative world who burned out in the corporate world because they were chasing money. And so they’re going to say, Money is the problem. I want to teach you how to chillax and relax yourself so you don’t go chasing money. But money isn’t the problem. The golden handcuffs is not the problem. It’s the stoic nature of a human being who says, I know how to handle stress, but the stresses and the cause of the stress is is unnecessary.

So therefore I’m going to eliminate the cause, which is me driving towards money and the golden handcuffs. The golden handcuffs are a beautiful thing. They’re as sacred as love. They’re as conscious as a temple. There is profound as Mount Everest. Golden handcuffs are really a great thing. They’re no different to a tree reaching towards the sun. And the gold of golden handcuffs was always from ancient Egyptian times, described as the light of the sun contained in a metal and so driving towards gold driving towards golden handcuffs. It’s not a problem. However, if we’re so stupid, as to become stressed, and bring that stress home and infect our family, in fact, our health in fact, our our social life, in fact, our relationship to the world around us, and make everything turn ugly. It’s not the fault of the handcuffs. It’s the stupidity and ignorance and stoic pneus of a human beings sticking to their process and not realising that they’ve outgrown their childhood ideals of how to handle pressure. And so it’s very important for us all to say stress is the gift of God.

Stress is the gift of the universe. Stress is nature’s message to you saying one little sentence. It’s saying evolve your past. It’s saying evolve your past. It’s saying, Look at the way you’re handling life. Look at the way you’re handling work. Look at the way you’re handling it, and change it because it’s not the money. It’s not the handcuffs. It’s not the work. It’s you. It’s you stuck in a way of handling life and and the things you do and it hasn’t changed, probably in the last 10 years, maybe 20 in the way you handle difficulty the way you handle the fear of failure, the way you handle guilt about the past, the way you handle things. You need a process that evolves that grows you so you handle the pressure and you deserve to earn the gold. That’s what I’d suggest.

 This is Chris You have a beautiful day. Bye for now. 

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