How to Grow Beyond Being Frustrated

Posted in   Better Business   on  September 21, 2021 by  Chris Walker ,  

Welcome to Sunday thoughts….

My amazing client (they are all amazing really) mentioned that in conversations with me he loves to “UNPACK” his thoughts. It’s a beautiful thing because for the most part, his commitments to work, family, spirituality, health and financial strength take priority over musing about the hidden recesses of his mind. And yet, he knows that these “PACKED” thoughts can sabotage everything he is working toward.

Frustra is the Latin root of Frustration. It means in Latin “in vain” and Frustrat in Latin means “dissapointed” so its final english expression as Frustration is perfect.

The typical English response to frustration however is not very healthy.

  1. Many people beat themselves up for being frustrated. That’s double trouble
  2. Some people avoid the source and eventually block themselves into groundhog day of avoidance and ultimately illness.
  3. Others attack the world and try to eliminate the source (social and political activists)

Frustration is a sign that it’s time for change. Primarily this change is in thought process but this is rarely isolated to thinking.

Frustration means change:

  • Beliefs
  • Body
  • Space
  • Priorities
  • vision
  • Mindset

Do this, and the frustration has served you, 100% of the time.

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