Episode 59. Money withers if it is left lying around

Episode 59. Money withers if it is left lying around. Bought to you by Universal law of Nature number 2. The law of evolution. We evolve at the border of chaos and order.

you are going to evolve. Where do you go there kicking and screaming or whether you go there voluntarily is irrelevant. That decision just determines how much discomfort you’re going to suffer. And when it comes to working up what it means to evolve we probably need to be a little clear. When we describe somebody as being unevolved, there is an implication that they are stupid. When we describe someone as being evolved or highly evolved, there is an implication that they are clever. It’s not the case.

if you take a monk who has been meditating for 80 years into a university and ask them to deliver a speech on mathematics they will be dumb. The only thing unique will be that they will laugh about it rather than feeling insulted and they will also admit it willingly. That means they have some level of spiritual evolution and are highly involved in that regard but it does not make them clever in all aspects of life.

Jane Goodall, evolved and incredible ability to live with gorillas. That doesn’t necessarily translate to her relationship with her family at home. Nor does it make her good at driving Formula One racing cars or writing books. And so you can see that when we evolve we can, in our western interpretation of the word evolve compartmentalise it. But we should differentiate between being clever and evolution. There is a big difference. We have used the word evolved to describe incredibly clever people and we have use the word evolved, in the form of an evolved, to describe really stupid. A Neanderthal human might be able to kill and skin a wild animal where as you would look really stupid trying to do the same thing. So we must be clear on the word evolved as we use it here.

there is order in the chaos. And this is where evolution shows its true hand. A person who sees order in the chaos at work is called the leader. Hopefully, they see more order that others. If a leader sees less order than others then they will be more stressed than others about the same topic and that’s not going to lead to a lot of trust is it? Are stressed out, busy panicking, sick, exhausted, frustrated moaning groaning leader might be the boss because that’s their job but they certainly are not a leader. The leader is more evolved than those they lead.

But the leader will not just be more evolved than others at work. They will have a more evolved family life and a more evolved health and a more evolved mental state and a more evolved social commitment and a more evolved spiritual life. In life we operate in seven areas of life but we operate at the lowest of our levels of evolution. To put this in a more simple context, if a husband and wife are bickering continually about the kids, and then the wife goes to work and tries to lead a team, it’s the level of relationship at home that dictates the level of trust the team will hold for the leader. This is very misunderstood by human development experts at work who think that what happens after the bell goes and people go home is not of much importance to leadership. Simply go to the bookshop and read through, don’t buy, books on leadership and see how many mentioned the quality of domestic life as a barometer and a sensual metric of good business leadership and you will see where the world compartmentalises behaviour in order to drive productivity.

one such area of evolution is financial. Again there are seven areas of life and we operate in all areas of life based on the lowest evolution we have out of the seven. So we might phone $1 million worth of wealth but if we have the relationship problems I mentioned above this will cause that million dollars to shrink either through divorce settlement or therapies or whatever it takes to dwindle it into zero. Consciousness, or what we are calling here evolution, has more to do with the state of mind of an individual then it does the mastery of a particular aspect of life. A person functioning in Got to financially, will be able to dress themselves and use their skills at work to be promoted to higher levels of functionality but their leadership will remain got to.

therefore our health, or approach to our health, is also part of our evolution. You could be the worlds greatest genius but be an evolved in your use of that talent. Evolved has more to do with the emotions that we express and what on earth disrupt those emotions. Ultimately, a super evolved human being will not be disturbed by anything that happens on the planet at all. Whether it is global warming or a war or death or life or birth or happiness or marriage or friendship or leadership or success or failure or money they will not be disturbed at all. That is the ultimate evolution. People who achieve this don’t stick around on the planet very long. The rest of us are busting our chops working through the challenges to arrive at a more evolved state so that we are less disrupted disturbed and disintegrated by the goings-on of the world around us. This is far more than acceptance of the world around us which is a cold ambivalence. It is both acceptance of the world around us plus gratitude.

so the way you handled money, the way you grow that money is very much a reflection on the level of consciousness or evolution you have in your life. It is not about the volume of money you have or what you buy Ella don’t buy it is the level of emotional disruption that you have by money. Money must circulate to grow. If you leave money sitting in a jar in the kitchen or the refrigerator, in 10 years time it will not only be very cold but it will be worth a lot less than it was when you put it in there. This shows you that the world is also evolving. What this reveals is that in all areas of life the world itself is evolving the whole planet is evolving everything is evolving and if you don’t evolve you’re going backwards. What made you emotional last week needs to be gone this week. What give you disruption this week can’t give you disruption next year. Evolving means to change your mind. But not change your mind in any old direction evolving means to see balance where previously you didn’t. This we call unlearning.

there was an old lady who lived in a Shoe. When she was young somethings happened that made her blue. She decided to judge herself and others based on what happened and used to used to create her clue for life. When she got older another thing made her blue. In keeping with what she did before she made this new thing also a judgement and said I will never do that ever never never again. Zen a little later she decided she would never do something else ever again and she wouldn’t like people who were like the people who were like the people like the one she didn’t like before. When the old lady who lived in a Shoe woke up one morning all dark and blue she realise that there was nothing left because she painted herself to the boot of the shoe. She devolved, didn’t evolve, and judged instead and stayed in bed. She stayed in bed. She stayed in bed and banged her head. No she said. I will not change what’s in my head. I’ll sit right here and work to be fed. I’ll sit right here until my face is red. So she sat right there until she was dead. Nature destroys anything that doesn’t fulfil its purpose I said. Fuck off she said. And I did and next thing you know her heart went slow and struck one last blow. Oh no. Not one last blow? Yep I said, nature destroys anything that doesn’t evolve because that’s the purpose of life. And so I made a game. It’s called evolve ya bastard. Wanna play?

With Spirit,


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