How to Resolve Conflict Wisely

Posted in   All Posts Innerwealth, Better Life   on  May 31, 2023 by  Christopher Walker ,  

What to do today:

Your magnetism is your life-force. I radiates. People feel you long before they see you. That's magnetism. It is not a loud voice or a blustering righteousness or child like excitement. It is a power. A force, an energy. It comes when you feel powerful. There is no half measures. We used to call it an open heart but now, that means soft. Magnetism comes from both generating energy and not wasting it on trivia or side tracks. One such side track is IRRITATION. The major cause of irritation is conflict. You must know how to deal with conflict if you want to be happy. Happy at home, happy at work. Conflict is an important part of nature. So, here's a slide deck and video to stimulate your thinking. Bring your thoughts to coaching and we'll practice conflict resolution. That's important. Remember, if you can't handle all four levels of conflict or get them confused, it'll be an uphill battle to stay magnetic.

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