Resilience – The Power Hour

Posted in   All Posts Innerwealth, Better Business   on  November 18, 2021 by  Chris Walker ,  

Resilience is a gift, but if it means just fighting off trouble, it is an automatic problem. Like “saving for a rainy day” has an expectation built into it. If you are not perfect already how will you ever be perfect?

The habit of chasing is also the habit of causing, expecting and measuring. Nothing will be good enough if you are not perfect already.

Resilience is you. For work, resilience means “get a life” – it means to unlearn and love more of life daily, it means to have a healthy exercise routine, it means to care about nature and be in it, it means to respect your values that never change, and to spend a few minutes dreaming about the future. It means to speak to yourself in a way that you’d love the world to speak to you, self-talk. This is the power hour I teach… this is more than resilience, it’s about having a life that’s worth working for.

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