A Testimonial I love

I get to work with some amazing and inspired people throughout the world. I’m also blessed to work with their businesses. When an individual becomes inspired they just love to share it. And with that in mind, I recently, presented a workshop for a very inspired group of women who do amazing work in the world. I’d love to share the testimonial from the person who built this business and I coach. The key here is to feel the love and heart that this leader feels, not just for our work, but for life. How infectious it is. How generous it is. This is an example of a leader’s heart awake and alive.

Chris is my mentor, coach, sounding board and daily inspiration. I was blessed to have Chris pour his calm presence, motivating, inspiring and conscious teachings into a uniquely tailored coaching session with my wonderful team of Speech Pathologist. During our session with Chris he uncovered the intricacies of how he could tailor his coaching and advice to meet the needs of each individual employee on my team. Chris was able to seamlessly help them problem solve any major barriers they were experiencing in both the workplace and their personal life. From the words of my team “Chris’s session was priceless”.

Chris is able to challenge, yet motivate and inspire, deconstruct then rebuild, what I believe to be any individual or business. Chris’s raw, zestful, authentic wit and wisdom has guided me into becoming a leader I am proud to be in both my professional and personal life. His very conscious delivery of his colourful life experience, wisdom and expertise is invaluable.”

Kind Regards,

Blair Pack 

Speech Pathologist/Director  (BSpHSc. MSpPath.)

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