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Do you believe in magic? If the answer is no that’s okay but it probably will be better for you to skip this video now. Are the sense of possibility and imagination and the ability to dream without knowing how you are going to do something relies on the possibility that magic exists. This magic […]

10 STEPS TO CREATE A PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN How your mind works and why it’s really important to spend some time each day sorting it. When thoughts go rogue so do you. And that’s not great. The great news is that if you change one small thing in the way you think and […]

This week we focus on the three minds: lower, middle and higher mind. These group the seven levels of mind into more simplified language: Lower being “GOT TO and SHOULD DO.” Middle being Need to Want to” and Higher is Desire, Choose and Love to. The language of these minds is so contradictory in some […]