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You are not your emotions. You are far more. But those emotions can make or break you. If you want the upside of emotion, the infatuation and the attraction, you have no choice but to suffer the downside. Depression and resentment. Many marriages start with elation, infatuation and pregnancy comes from it. Then the other […]

Dealing with overwhelm can be debilitating. If we let overwhelm run us then whatever we do will be incomplete and rushed. Nothing closes a human heart and causes disengagement faster than Overwhelmed. The most important thing to know about overwhelm is that is unsustainable. It breaks down the immune system and causes people to get […]

When it comes to engagement, which is a hot topic at the moment, there are two aspects we need to deal with. One is the head, and the other is the heart. It’s very easy to deal with the head because it wants stuff. And if you dangle a carrot out there and say, Look, […]

Brain Drain. (transcript) Our objective is to send you home from work every day with more energy than you arrived with. And one of the major causes of exhaustion, tiredness and fatigue, that we carry into our house and walk and stomp through our family area is brain drain. Brain drain, drags your energy down, […]

Whether it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Ricardo or the Amy Gillett foundation, it doesn’t take much to learn that all of life is about relationships and that self made people do not exist. We exist with teams and in the companionship of others. It is therefore fundamental to all good leadership to understand the basics of […]

You can learn a lot just looking at nature and observing her. In this video I’ve presented 20 hints for powerful business leadership and career progression. They are all based on the laws of nature and can be observed in nature. Personally, I find most of the information available about leadership including most of the […]

The research is categoric in its emphasis that the person who connect to nature operates a far better level than somebody who doesn’t. We know this because if you incarcerate person you would withdraw them from nature and they suffer far more than if you created the prison in a nature based natural surrounding. Concrete […]

I’m so happy to have extracted 20 short video’s from my Youtube Channel and reposted them here. Some date back to when i look 12 years old. But I wasn’t, just a good camera. The video podcasts can be listened to without watching the video so they are still great for the car. Hope you […]

What to do today: Listen to this video (12 min) Download the Pdf Deck and print or put on Ipad (5 min) Go through the PDF deck and assign a few points for discussion Notes When we want to manifest something there is a process we go through. Very often we start the process halfway […]

What to do today: Listen to this video (7 min) Download the Pdf Deck and print or put on Ipad (5 min) Go through the PDF deck and assign a few points for discussion Consider doing one or two of the PDF exercises in your free time… Enjoy it. Yes it’s fantastic to have personal […]

What to do today: In this four part video series I open up the world of self leadership for a little more order in the chaos. Each video will explain a little more about personal mastery and the tools that can make life a lot more enjoyable.

What to do today: You are your competitive advantage. There is no use copying anybody else otherwise you’ll become the same as them and they are probably better at being them than you are. This is all very simple. But the ability to let go when you need to, the ability to hold on when […]

What to do today: The idea of personal honour having something to do with emotional beliefs might be new to you. We do not, above all things, lie to ourselves. That is dishonourable and no matter what happens, it will cause us pain. When we react to someone, something, positive or negative it is because […]