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What to do today: Your magnetism is your life-force. I radiates. People feel you long before they see you. That’s magnetism. It is not a loud voice or a blustering righteousness or child like excitement. It is a power. A force, an energy. It comes when you feel powerful. There is no half measures. We […]

What to do today: We have spoken about power. Human power. One thing that kills human power, and therefore success, is irritation. Whatever irritates you, you give power to. If a mouse irritates you, you give power to it. Do you want to empower those people who irritate you? I doubt it. It would make […]

What to do today: this is an awesome video and deck i created in the interest of peace of heart.  You cannot find a person at peace. They go to peace seeking environments to get it. Church, meditation etc That’s proof they don’t have it. Why? Because peace is not the submission to compromise or […]

In this Deck and explanatory video i introduce the idea of mindset. There’s also a podcast on this attached. I think this is important stuff. Getting below the surface. Of course, there will be those who doubt you, but never more than you doubt yourself.  “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but […]

I created this PDF and explanatory video for a little weekend contemplation. It’s a wonderful review of the week. The common thread to both sports both our personal and our business world is the word causation. In both of these situations we wish to cause the outcome we wish through the process we enjoy. There […]

If there ever was a single truth that transcents all the games of life. it’S you vip score. Are you having fun? If not, something is wrong and the VIP score will guide you to fix it. In reality, having fun is buddhism. It’s Christianity. It’s Judaism. Islam.  But what is it? VIP score guides […]

What to do today: This is part 2 of the goal setting process. It’s explanatory no forms to fill out Download the PDF and read the small print Enjoy the video in the interest of a happy life. All we hear is “success means goals” and “champions have clear goals” and “if you don’t set […]

In today’s blog post Read the blurb (2 min) Download the pdf deck and print or put on your Ipad etc (5 min) Watch the video or listen to the audio walk thru on this. (6 min) “Well, here we go! Welcome to Goal setting. The first step in the Innerwealth Mental Toughness Programme. You […]

MAGNETIC ALERTNESS INTRODUCTION The video below asks some great questions about your life and the path you’re on. It gives explicit advise on how to handle different energy consuming interactions with people. There’s a pdf of the slides for you as well. When you think about magnetism, what do you think about? Do you think […]

Without doubt the most challenging aspect of life is frustration. Frustration sits behind anger, stress, anxiety, depression, failure, and so much more. Frustration is at the heart of marriage breakdowns and insecurity work which causes all sorts of secondary problems and so with this in mind it is really important that we gather information and […]

I’m really pleased to present for you one of the new videos from the 30 day back on track program. In this new form we’re focused on dealing with the frustration cycle. It would appear that there are three phases we all go through on a constant basis throughout the duration of our life. This […]

How to Stop Mind Noise From Draining Your Magnetism There is probably one single common behaviour that drains most people’s magnetism more than any other. Mind Noise, and with the amount of screen time, communication availability and emotion we are dealing with from others, it’s getting worse. Let’s look today at the Innerwealth Chris Walker […]

 In the back on track process we have advocated step two is to be the building up of magnetic energy in your body. This was also covered in step one to 4 of magnetic will. I came across this video which I really think covers a lot of what we need to know about cellular […]