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Episode 96. Negativity. Brought to you by the 4th law of the universe. The law of rhythm or as we call it, harmony. That there are two things, two sides, two aspects to everything is called perspective. The one human condition that is preserved by the individual regardless of their talent or position in life […]

Episode 94. WISDOM VERSUS IGNORANCE brought to you by the Universal Laws number 1. Nature seeks balance in all things. Sometimes you’ll be tempted to invest in a fight to overcome the evils that threaten the balance of the world. It’s an age old story. The forces of good can become self-satisfied, and the forces […]

Episode 93. “Uncertainty kills business”. – Michael Edwardes. Brought to you by the universal law of nature number 2. Evolution. You are never given a problem you cannot solve. Chris Walker. A few years back I ran a seminar for a company who asked me to remove the word certainty from the list of how to be […]

Pay attention to your own advice. Episode 92. Brought to you by the universal law of nature number 4. The law of personal harmony – thought. “The minute you get the idea that you are indispensable in business, you aren’t!” “It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk […]

Episode 91. Let your doubts be cleared. Brought to you by all the universal laws combined into one big statement. Let your doubt be cleared. is there is one word that shakes the foundation of all human nature it is the word doubt. Doubt is unquestionably the most vicious of all human emotions. Doubt is […]

Episode 89. Your heart and soul have the wisdom of the ages. Brought to you by the universal law of abundance, law number 3. come with me on a journey. Begin with primal mankind probably covered in hair and looking more like a gorilla. They probably have not yet learned how to make a fire […]

Episode 88. The universe is  governed by the laws of perfect balance. Brought to you by the first and great king and queen of the universal laws, balance. can you take it into your consciousness and therefore your intelligence is that the law of perfect balance exists in all, not just some, events in your […]

Episode 86. Nothing is created or destroyed it just changes in form. Brought to you by the universal law number 3. Abundance. Nothing is missing it just changes in form. there is a preselection process that takes price as people rise to the top of any field of endeavour. The question becomes can they handle […]

Episode 85. Forgiveness is a self righteous illusion. Brought to you by the universal law number 1. The law of balance. when a person is at the bottom of the consciousness comb and operating in almost a primal state of emotion and mindset, forgiveness is a great step away from that primal state of anger […]

Episode 84. Events are events until we judge them otherwise. Brought to you by the universal law of balance. With all the Innerwealth work if you could learn just this one principle it would change your entire way of living and entire way of life. Firstly let me begin with the understanding that nature abhors […]

Episode 83. One inspired question leads to another, brought to you by the universal law of harmony, the fourth law of the universal laws of nature. no matter what your level of consciousness is in the world you can reach very high levels of thought and inspiration through extreme gratitude. Take yourself to any religious […]

For those of you who do not like my friends at the computer voice for this blog the next series will be slightly different with my wonderful voice being the voice of the blog. We are now up to episode 82 and therefore just have 18 more episodes in this series of “what I wish […]

Episode 81. Who made you believe that, brought to you by the universal law of harmony, everything vibrates according to its own kind. if a thief goes to a new city is not long before that thief will be hanging out with like-minded people. If a successful entrepreneur goes to a new city it will […]

Your heart rate variability (HRV) measures the variation in time between each heartbeat. Low HRV has been linked to depression and anxiety, and high HRV has been linked to better heart health and stress management. Why is it important to monitor heart rate variability?Monitoring your HRV is a great way to identify whether your ANS, […]

Episode 80. Nobody does more to you than you do to yourself. Brought to you by the universal laws number 1. Nature seeks a balance in all things. this is an inconceivable principle. Can you imagine? Nobody does to you more than you do to yourself. Think about this. If you are put down by […]

Episode 79. The Person with the greatest certainty leads. Brought to you by the universal law of hierarchy, the one and the many, law number 5. There are 7 qualities of a leader that align easily with nature and therefore are universal. These qualities are not what is taught in the MBA but, they are […]

Inner voice certainty is today’s episode 78 of 101 things I wish my dad taught me. Brought to you by universal law number’s 1,2,3,4,5. when I was a little boy I had a grandma. She was ancient, probably 50 in real life, but to me she was ancient and she was wise. When I visited […]

This post is a video and transcript/ TRANSCRIPT Good morning. Good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris and we are here today to talk about nice people coming last. And we are gonna talk about organized supervised deputies, which you may remember from doing the 30 day challenge, but you may have forgotten. Now […]