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There has never been a great act or achievement in the world’s history that was not first visualised in the way I am teaching you. Everything is first created in the unseen of a visualisation before it is manifest in the material world. When you, by a small stint of practice, can visualise clearly and […]

I want you to realise that this journey of yours is not a walk over, I want you to understand that this is a fight all the way, but at same time to realise that it is a winning fight all the time; although difficulties are real, yet you have within you the powers which […]

All the good that there is in memory training systems can be summed up in a few words. The reason some people cannot remember is because they do not pay sufficient attention. If you were making music you would have to arrange things so that a powerful clear digital impression was made in the recording. […]

Make your own denials and affirmations now and forever and use them. Do not do anything without consulting your inner-self. Practice and bring your inward powers to action. If you feel gloomy, affirm that you are bright and cheerful; then your gloom will be chased away like mist before the morning sun. If you feel […]

Your mind actually has creative power, not just in a figurative sense but in reality. What you see with your physical eyes is matter vibrating at different rates. That matter that you can see in this way is course not matter at all but trillions of billions of trillions of atoms, molecules and particles vibrating. […]

What is success? To one it means one thing and to another it may mean something quite different. Some people desire happiness and love above all things and could they put gain these would count themselves successful in the highest degree, even though their circumstances remain humble and comparatively poor. Some desire fame or a […]

IN THIS LESSON I WOULD LIKE YOU TO GET BETTER AT VISUALISATION Take a simple flower. Examine it carefully. Note its purity and its simplicity and beauty. No poet, who ever lived, has ever been able to describe, adequately, its beauty and fresh simplicity. This flower is an expression of the universal life of mind, […]

In order to succeed you need imagination. Desire to succeed, energy, ambition, ability, intellect, imagination, capacity, large ideas, are all good, all vitally necessary for the achievement of success, but they are all useless if “staying power“ is lacking because the Will is weak. Then, nothing can be accomplished. Therefore one of the primary objectives […]

The objective or conscious thinking mind is the outer or surface mind. It is the finite mind of very real limitations. It receives impressions through the senses: organs of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell which lie. It learns from books, speech, experience and experiment which are subject to enormous interpretation. We have seen that […]

At this point in the course, given that you have your affirmations and understand the universal laws well enough to enter into your perfect mind for denials, I want you to start seriously to develop your visualising powers. By this you will improve your memory of knowledge, but that is quite a minor outcome. What […]

Dear Student of Inspired Thinking. There is now a members page on the web site and you have access to it here. The password is “CHRISWALKER” and it is the new home for resources E-books, REPLAY of materials used over the past years, and training videos including some from Nepal. The reason for […]

You will have by now in this series seen and possibly experienced the purpose and value of affirmations. Affirmations are concentrated thoughts. Behind each affirmation is a strong emotion and this gives it tremendous driving force. Not only do affirmations impress the subconscious mind that is producing action in accordance with the human Will, but […]

By now you will know some things: You go in the direction of your dominant thought. Worry and fear and hate are thoughts. If you want to go in the direction of your vision, you need to do three things constantly. 1. Denials. 2. Affirmations 3. Visualisations. (We call this mobile meditations) Best you know […]

This ends the metaphysical part of the SUCCESS FORMULA lessons, the following are some brief hints of great value to any student diving into the study of INSPIRED THINKING: Everything works according to the law, we, each of us, have what we deserve. Do not be envious, jealous or resentful of any person’s wealth, income, […]

TRANSCRIPT AND EXERCISES Sit very quietly and relax your nerves and muscles, and concentrate your thoughts on your idea of an ideal world. Picture a world of indescribable beauty, without pain, sickness or care; without hate, unkindness or selfishness; without poverty, want or lack. Picture mentally a world in which love and goodwill are supreme […]

TRANSCRIPT Every human is supplied with abundance of energy. It can be used or squandered. One might be engaging a deep debate as to what squandering is if we label it other than to say it does not, at the end of the life, produce something. In other words, lead to success. But our emotions […]

The objectives of this lesson are: (1) to alter your mental attitude, and (2) to direct your thoughts into those channels which lead to success, achievement, health, happiness and perfect good; (3) the stimulation of the inward power for the overcoming of bad habits (5) the building up of character, and (6) the discovery and […]

This video is rare. It is hard to find. Today I would like to introduce you to an astonishing story and an astonishing man. His book DEAD LUCKY: Life after death on Mt Everest is a must read for anyone considering SUCCESS MINDSET. Please note you can now listen to these episodes on Spotify and […]

Do not strain after success; rather realise that you yourself are “success“ and that you therefore attract to you all that you desire. Go about your duties calmly and with confidence, knowing that you are “success“ and therefore must succeed. 100 times a day, if necessary, affirm “I am success.“ The last thing at night, […]