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I love poetry. And few are better than singer, actor, songwriter, Nick Cave. When a fan asks Nick Cave how he muffles all of his influences in order to hear his own inner voice and trust that he is making something wholly his own, he answers with his characteristic poetics of numinous pragmatism: Nothing you […]

At some point in our life we decide or have decided for us that motivation must evolve into inspiration. They both do a great job the only question is how high can they take us? From a very early age we learn the art of motivation: that is to determine whether what we are about […]

The power of auto suggestion tells us that we develop a sense of magnetic faith or trust toward all the universal forces of good if we repeat to ourselves magnetic statements that hold their power. These statements are specifically designed to be repeated at night just before bed however they can be repeated any time […]

SHE DIED AND…. At that moment, there were 3,​147,​740,​103,​497,​276,​498,​750,​208,​327 atoms in her body. Of her total mass, 63.7 percent was oxygen, 21.0 percent carbon, 10.1 percent hydrogen, 2.6 percent nitrogen, 1.4 percent calcium, 1.1 percent phosphorous, plus a smattering of the ninety-odd other chemical elements created in stars.  In the cremation, her water evaporated. Her […]

The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask. A quality question is one that will bring balance to your perception and equilibrate your mind. Your intuition is attempting to bring to your awareness, the other ignored half of the human condition, so as to balance your perception.  What […]

Coaching supports and challenges you. This is a key. It supports you when you’re challenged and challenges you when you’re supported. You evolve and stay relevant in your work and home life only if you evolve at the border of support and challenge. Therefore, coaching is a great evolving process. If you meet with people […]