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The single key to success in life is understanding leadership. What makes a great leader, makes a great parent. What makes a great leader makes a great friend. It’s all connected. However, it’s all a matter of scale. What you can do for one person, or a family, you cannot do for 50 or 10,000. […]

HISTORY OF INNERWEALTH Around thirty years ago I was on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne and from my isle seat looked across to see, seated across the isle someone I’d done business with. We started a really great conversation and he shared how much money he’d made over the past years since we’d met. […]

I ask everyone I meet, using word or sense, “who are you?” And in 45 years of travel across this beautiful planet, I have only been answered twice. Yes, I have heard people say “this is what I read, and I will be that” and I have heard, more often than not, “this is what […]

I have spend half of my 45 years as a business / life coach in the high Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. I’ve studied yoga in India and owned 3 yoga schools. I have an MBA and B.Mech eng. I love coaching people because it makes a huge difference. It’s the difference between knowing […]

As a life coach I have witnessed the good the bad and the ugly of relationships that sit behind some of the worlds most talented individuals. And what I’ve discovered about human nature is that it is sometimes happy to hand over aspects of life that make it dysfunctional because it “feels good” to become […]

Rescuing the weak. Saving the broken. Feeding the impoverished. Inspiring the depressed. Fixing, repairing, rescuing…. These are jobs, not relationships. How many fall in love by thinking they are the solution? Their partner is messed up and they are the miracle cure. It feels like love, smells like love, but it is only gratitude. Never […]

The human spirit is a competitive animal. It loves competition. Give it a challenge and it is awake. Give it peace and quiet it rests. It does have patience. The greatest opportunity to tap the essence of your spirit is in your vision of life. A large global or even universal view of life means […]

Who would promote a stressed, emotionally drained, worried, tired and hunched over in sadness individual? Only a cruel individual would add another KG to the back of an overloaded camel. It just wouldn’t be fair. Sometimes human nature and our ego get into a fight. The ego wants to be right, human nature wants to […]