100 things I wish my Dad taught me. Episode 12. “As you believe so you achieve.”

My kids, or my partner’s kids to be more accurate, have a favourite book called imagine. It’s been their favourite book since they could be read to. The book tells the first half of a story and asks the kids to fill in the rest. Such as, your are flying through space how does it look or something like that – they, no matter what the scenario, burst with joy at imagining the ending or the environment. But when I ask adults to imagine the possibilities of their life, they are so steeped in reality, I fall asleep listening to it.

“As you believe so you achieve” is the single greatest truth of all. If you can’t see it in your mind, in other words imagine it, then it will never come true. Imagination separates the mundane average mediocre life from the extraordinary one.

Visualisation is imagination. The soul thinks in pictures. When we imagine we visualise. And this is such a key difference between mental delusion and mental health.

The mentally deranged fantasise about the worst and the best that could happen to them. They, in some way, leave their body and go into their mind and create a paranoia. A fear of the future or a guilt (worry) about the past. It’s the equivalent of rock climbing without a safety rope and sometimes they fall and get crunched, thinking the paranoia is real.

To visualise is to expand the now. To visualise we are fully present with the future. We expand the now to include the future. It’s not like watching Harry Potter and becoming so immersed in it that you think you are him. Visualisation is you doing you, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing something somewhere in time and space. A future time and space.

Imagine going down a rabbit hole, and as you go down it things change. You see different things go past because you are traveling to the bottom of the rabbit hole. And there, at the bottom, are people at a table. Yes, you can travel in time and space, you just did it reading and following me down that hole.

Visualisation is the key to success. It may feel too trivial for you right now, but if you don’t spend time imagining the future you want, you are just playing cassino with your life. Gambling on tables with your currency (which is your time alive).

That’s not the mark of the successful, inspired loving individual. Everyday I imagine my destination. It’s not a paranoia as Im cleaning my teeth while I do it. I allow myself to travel to a future and feel the floor under my feet in the future. This has been the healing and health of my life.

Sometimes it has helped me through dark space. I avoid fantasies too. That’s where it can all go pear shaped. Here are the rules of the game of avoiding paranoia.

For a new inspiring conviction to arise in you, you are to everyday, say the same inspiring words, hear the same inspiring words and apply these same words to your life. Words you say to yourself daily have power. They can help you transform your insides and outsides. They help put you in tune with what you are going to do. When you say these powerful and inspiring words to yourself keep the following guidelines in mind.

  1. Imagine in the present tense, not future or past. As if you are there right now.
  2. Imagine realities that are possible. In other words you have to believe what you imagine is possible.
  3. Imagine but do not use absolute scenarios such as when you always and never. Such as always feel good or never ill.
  4. Imagine scenarios implying a balance of polarities such as hard work equals success.
  5. Imagine in brief phrases – short stories.
  6. Imagine situations that create immediate feelings of love and inspiration right now.
  7. Imagine what you are willing to visualise for life.
  8. Imagine scenes you can link to your favourite sensory associations. Sight (your favourite picture) Sound (your favourite music) Place (your favourite scene) Smell (your favourite fragrance) Taste (your favourite food) Feel (your favourite texture)

Visualize your purpose and list of loves as often as possible.

Three times a day is great. See in your mind’s eye their fulfillment. See yourself in a picture where your loves are already being lived.

What you see is what you get. Stretch your vision.

Your vision is the spark from which your actions make the inferno.

Visualise and focus on what you do love, not on what you don’t, your purpose not solving your temporary problems. Exclude all other interests from your mind.

100 things I wish my Dad taught me. Episode 12. “As you believe so you achieve.” Whatever you consistently visualise, germinates, grows and manifests into reality.

Add clarity by clearly focusing your mind’s picture. Focus on ever finer detail so as to become present with the image. Vividness brings vitality. And this is the secret.

Right now do an experiment for yourself, not while driving please.

See how long you can maintain an inspiring sample picture or idea in your mind. If you can truly hold any one picture or idea in your mind for more than seven seconds, you are exceptional.

That’s a huge consequence of the older generation not being screen obsessed or using the screen to watch and produce. The younger people, the kids I mentioned above, can hold a picture for minutes. They practice it on the iPad daily.

Until you can hold on to your picture or idea long enough for it to begin manifesting, your many other scattering pictures or ideas, problems, worries, sensory appetites, agitation, noise and mental fantasies (which means all of those) will overtake and weaken it.

Practice taking time, even while cleaning your teeth to visualise the same short movies in your mind’s eye. Be careful to differentiate between the classical intellectual thinking and visualisation, they are opposing each other. The “day dream” visualisation is way beyond the limits of the thinking part of the mind, it uses a much higher brain centre. You do not even have to close your eyes. In fact, closing your eyes is a potential drift into paranioa and why so many meditators who are taught to fantasise instead of visualise go nuts forever.

Sit, stand or lie down. See with your inner eye. When any other picture or idea enters your mind, pluck it out and return to your chosen focus. By focusing on ever finer detail of the desired picture or idea you minimize other scattering pictures and ideas.

Also support your visualisation with affirmation. Affirmations are statements that align with the big movies of your visualisation. Affirmations alone are helpful but they are meant to trigger you to visualise and that’s their entire purpose. Add to this denials.

Denials means that once you plant your flowers, affirmations and visualisations, don’t let the weeds take over. Pluck out the weeds by denials. Every time a weed is pulled, the flowers become more visible. Every time you do a denial your visualisation and affirmations become more powerful.

Your eyes are your radio dials that allow you to tune in to your mind’s many stations. Each eye position tunes into a different station.

Memory and imagined fears, are simply lop-sided past and future eye settings, stations you can, if you don’t have daily practice accidentally tune into, just like the car radio and find yourself listening to boring negative self depreciating stations selling hate.

To visualise with your inner eye, centre your two eyes upward, in other words, look up at 45 degrees, and to add magic, turn your head up 45 degrees too, then focus your inner mind’s eye on your purpose, speak silently your affirmations and feel gratitude. Now you are ready. And once your two outer eyes become connected to your inner eye, your third eye comes into being. Your third eye transcends boundaries of space, time and matter. Your third eye attracts instantaneous manifestations. Your third eye, which is directly between your eyebrows, is where visualisations locate.


I find it complex to teach this to people – for me, it is my greatest gift. My Dad did teach me this. He taught me because when my mother passed from her body, I simply went with her, to another time and space. I tapped the intuitive nature of life from a very early age. Then my step mother was nuts. So I had to use this visualisation to deal with violence.

So, my Dad did teach me this one and I’m so grateful for a world in which, for those who are ready, I can teach you. It’s truly the greatest skill in manifesting a relationship, getting through troubles, building a business, being successful in life and as you’ll be aware already, in sport achievement. The science of visualisation and imagination is the cutting edge of sport and will become mainstream awareness within 20 years. You’ve got the chance to master it now.

Enjoy the journey and for those who have done the online course on these podcasts some months ago, I have the advanced training course in visualisation for subscribed clients. If you’d love to do that advanced course, please ask during your coaching session.

With Spirit

Chris Walker

That’s the end of Episode 12.

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