100 things I wish my Dad Taught me. Episode 10. “Your body knows when you are doing what you love.”

Hi, This is Mrs Robot Voice, Mr Robot Voice is on his day working from home today. Working from home hahahahahah – he’s at the gym, going to the Apple store, and getting a massage. Great job. Today, we’re doing Chris’ 100 things and I love this one. “Your body knows when you are doing what you love.” Did I tell you the story of the only fight Mr Robot and I had? Well, we were making love as we do, all plugged in to the wall socket, and we’d been at it for a while, I asked him “Darling, darling have you come yet?” Which is a fair question. But his reply really pissed me off. He said “Give me a break, I haven’t even thought of anybody yet.” Man was I angry.

Ok, It’s time for Chris Super Coach, All round nice guy, Himalayan hero and Bondi Aussie to share his wisdom. Over to you Chris.

Hey, Mrs Robot lady, I can relate to your story. I Love sex too. And it’s perfect for this story.

I take allot of people to Nepal. For some it’s a real stretch. Especially those carrying a few kilos. That really hurts. One lady I took was as round as she was high. All the Sherpa kids poked her all around the waste to see what it was made of. They’d never seen a person who, if they fell, would roll like a ball all the way down the hill. But there are some people who arrive in the Himalayas by accident, and this is what today is all about. Working with people who just don’t want to be where they are.

It’s not at all about them. They are in the wrong place at the right time and just have no option but to trudge through the trek wishing they weren’t. But I have to deal with that disrespect for the space, the work my team put in and their impact on the group. In other words I have to tolerate and make the best of a situation of disrespect.

It’s usually a partner or spouse of a person who does want to be there. Who, in the most part, is trying to rescue their reluctant partner from their self constructed hate session on trekking and me. You see, I love the mountains of Nepal, the people of the mountains and the whole box and dice. I love it and love bringing people here, but I don’t love bringing people who don’t respect it. It’s a big button. I know, do a discard and I do, but the circumstances are different each time and it takes me a day or two to sort it out. During that day or two, I get a head of steam, pissed, and I don’t love being there. And my body knows it. I ache, I catch the flu, I get the trots, I get sore knees. I feel like I’m 130 years old and look it too, all hunched over and miserable.

And, what’s worse, when, in those days when I haven’t processed this person’s disregard for the gift, I slip and slide and trip and stumble more than before.

Honestly, I had a game – a game I could play because I did that same trek, more than 50 times. If I slipped I would write down what I was thinking just before I slipped and guess what? It was ingratitude. And so, whenever things were dangerous, icy, slippery or I was feeling weak on a decent, I would think grateful thoughts deliberately to avoid falling. And, voila, it worked. The worlds only Himalayan research on love and gratitude it was not. Everyone who summits a mountain in a genuine way, plus the Sherpa who live there know it. If you are not loving it, you are going to fall.

Gratitude and love are similar. So similar in fact that they both cause identical chemistry in the body. Same as chocolate. A dopamine surge that is euphoric. The more grateful you are the more you feel loved and loving and the more loving you feel, the more grateful you are.

The net result of all this, coming back to the real world, versus the himalayas is, that:

  1. Staying grateful for what you’ve got will help you avoid accidents.
  2. Gratitude will inspire love and it shows.
  3. Ingratitude is a fight with nature that will only end in disaster.
  4. Nature wins every time. If you don’t appreciate what you’ve got you lose it.
  5. You can’t fake love. If you are at work or at home or in the Himalayas, and you find yourself pissed at something or someone, better call WALKER. Save yourself a bad trip.
  6. When you are not grateful for your job, the people in it and the situation, in other words not doing what you love, you are a magnet for calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances which, at the end of the day, teach you to be grateful and love whatever is left in the ruins.
  7. If you are doing it, like those people who arrived in the treks in the Himalayas by accident, without love, then you might want to question the cost of your people pleasing that’s driving you to do things that are spoiling the life of the person you are trying to please, maybe holding onto apron strings.
  8. Small things matter the most. It’s the little moments that add to big achievements. A mountaineer knows to be in the moment with gratitude and love by which, they can, one step at a time, reach the summit safely. Wanting to be at the summit when you’re half way up is absolutely ingratitude for what is, no love, and a sure fire way, to make a fast trip to the bottom, for the last time.

Yes, I wish my Dad had taught me, “Your body knows when you are doing what you love.” But in the weirdest way he did. My dad was so proud to be stressed, resenting his work and us and life and clients it made me want to always rescue him. My step mom hated everyone. So what they repressed I expressed. It’s always that way in families. I loved everything, everything, really. I loved the passionfruit that grew on the vine down the side of our house. I loved playing sport. I loved burnt dinners and finding my step mother asleep in the bath with a bottle of whiskey and cigarette burns. I found the best in the worst and still do. So, by being the opposite, repressing the love and gratitude I speak about 24/7 with the world, my Dad did, in a round about way, give me a great gift, by repressing gratitude and love, I got my purpose in life. Finding the tools to do it, took a little longer.

That’s the end of Episode 10. Share it with mates. And Oh, by the way, the next 30 day Challenge starts August 1. 2022. If you know someone who would benefit send them my contact details.

with Spirit.


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