I discovered:If I was an arse at the bottom  of the mountain I WAS still an arse at the top... 

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Why Chris Walker is Qualified To Do This Work?


Chris Walker is an entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author, philanthropist, and Australia's and possibly the world's #1 Innerwealth strategist. He has empowered more than 20 million people from 30 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, nature retreats and live seminars. For more than three and a half decades, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humour, and transformational power of Chris' business and personal genius.

Chris is the author of more than thirty published books - not all are international bestsellers - however, it demonstrates a devotion to his mission to open hearts in the world by reconnecting people to nature.

Chris Walker has personally consulted in more than 1000 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $3 billion a year. He has been honored by the Nepalese and Canadian Governments for his contributions. Chris has also been acknowledge in Success magazine’s top influencers for entrepreneurs and he has been named in the top human development podcasts of 2022.

Chris is a leader called upon by those seeking social change through personal change. He has worked with politicians, rockstars, actors and business leaders, billionaires to indigenous social leaders who have tapped him for personal coaching.

Chris Walker is also a leading philanthropist. Through his work with youth at risk in first nation communities in Canada and with refugees in Nepal, he has supported social change where it is desperately needed.  



1976 - 1988

Five successful startup business' including founder and CEO Luehr Filter Australia, Australia's leading air pollution control firm. BGBW - Management consultancy. Business advisor and consultant to SE Asian paper manufacture on alternative resource paper manufacture.


1989 - 2012 

Innerwealth Canada over 200 consultants trained in "Real Spirit" technologies, culture change and human development. Worked with First Nations health and community development East to West. Seminars for over 15,000 individuals.


1986 - 2020 

Spirit Walk Nepal ... a NFP business taking 56 trips and  over 500 executives trekking to the High Himalayas for Spiritual and Personal development. Supporting Children Rehabilitation, Refugee and Disaster Relief programmes in both Nepal and Australia. Studied Tibetan Medicine, Meditations, Yoga, Ayurvedic.


1992 - 2003 

Established offices in NYC. Published Innerwealth.  Funding for Real Brand Flagship. Professional Speaker presented 500 keynote addresses. Consulted to UN. Yoga School. Worked with First Nation Santa Fe. Non Violence consultant. Collaborations with Dr. John Demartini. 


1978 - 2010 

Facilitated over 500 Business Coaching and Retreats in Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Bhutan, India. 


It's when you find yourself facing a choice between being yourself or doing what it takes to be effective. You need to pick one or the other


Mark Twain ~ "Better to remain silent & thought a fool than to open one's mouth & remove all doubt."


You can please yourself and piss others off, or please others and piss yourself off. But you can't do both...

The Art of Coaching Others

Helping Others Change

What They Say About CHRIS WALKER

I worked with Chris when I was turbulent, chaotic and undergoing immense personal change. I thought focusing on everything but myself would help me through the quagmire.
Chris enlightened me to the Seven Areas of Life framework, helped prioritise what was most important to me, and focused on being in balance.
He did this with love and gratitude.

Guy Gunasekera

Senior Manager and Board Director

Chris shares his wisdom into accessible and approachable daily lessons and exercises to expedite the student's learning. Perfect for committed individuals searching for substantial personal growth in a short period of time.

Lucila Pagnoni

Snr Director Corporate Strategy & Development - Optus

Given that Chris has a wealth of experience, made plenty of mistakes himself, has a deep knowledge of the human condition and over 40 years of coaching, keynote speaking and development of individuals he can quickly get you to the next level. If you want to improve yourself, wake up inspired every day of your life and fulfil all your dreams, give him a call, drop him an email and start something very special. 

Andrew Rowe

G.M Fletcher Insulation

Chris has been, and is, that life guide for me.  His wealth of life experience and insights (meaning he has already made all the same mistakes already) positions him ideally to fill this role.   He has been great in guiding me across the different areas in life and equipping me with the tools to succeed in life and tackle the challenges it throws up.

Ashley Miller

Financial Consultant 

Interesting Facts About Me...

I've been married a few times and now I have the gift of 2 beautiful step children (8 and 6 yo) and a most gorgeous wife. We love the ocean and live right on Bondi Beach which is sort of our backyard. On every second weekend we don't have the kids and then Jess and I go gravel bike riding together out in the bush with snakes, flies and kangaroos and love it. 

I love Nepal. I've been 50+ times up to the base of the Himalayas - Mt Everest and taken over 500 people up to meet the Sherpa I call family. Hopefully that's where my ashes will be scattered.  But most of all, I love my work. I love sharing the secrets of longevity, happiness, success, heart and soul in work and life. I love my clients and their journey's through the challenges that make them who they are.


Changing the World One Heart at a Time. Is It Your Turn?

37 years
of experience